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Forge - Xbox VS Windows 10


I've asked for someone to help me forge, but now I have a new question. Everyone is free to answer, but I'm looking more for an answer from an experienced forger whose used both Windows 10 and the Xbox One to forge.

So, here goes.
Which is easiest to use? Windows or Xbox? I feel like Windows is easiest, though I haven't tried it yet. It just takes forever on my controller. So, when using Windows instead of Xbox? Is there a perk to It? I'm not saying like you get some kind of reward from Microsoft for using it, I'm meaning, is it easier to level things out and make things fit better? Is it quicker to forge on Windows 10? And if not, I'll ask the opposite, is there a drawback to using it? Such as are there some features on the Xbox forge that Windows doesn't have? I know I can probably find these answers in a FAQ, but, I'm looking for opinions. Please help me out here.

Im sure its probably easier to be precise with a mouse but why dont you just try both and see for yourself?
Multiplayer in windows forge is pretty fun considering it's totally free. As far as creation, no idea except that I imagine a mouse would be easier to deal with.
It honestly depends on how complicated you want to be. If you are changing a lot of values like spawn time, ammo capacity, timers in general PC is MUCH faster because instead of holding the button to scroll to it you can just type in the values you desire.

Another cool thing about PC is vehicles and all that are drop down bars. Meaning you can hide them. Let's say you are looking at UNSC vehicles. Instead of scrolling down to scorpions you can just minimize all the others until you get to it. Then the next time you access the menu it will already be there. Oh, but now you need a Mantis? Too easy, just click on mantis and it's that easy.

Hope that answers your question mate.