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Forge Spawn and Map Issues

OP Lord Hexias

We need to talk about Forge and see if we can get some wrinkles ironed out.

First off, has anyone had any issues spawning into Forge when loading a map? So far, three out of the five maps I've been working on are no longer something I can edit since I always spawn dead as soon as the Forge loads. I can load two of these maps from the Custom Game menu and spawn normally. The third map is a hot mess that not only spawns me dead in Forge mode but will crash my console if I try to load it in Custom Games. Odd, no? All three of these maps have adequate spawns for each team (including neutral).

Customer support can only tell me to "Try saving multiple versions of your map". This might be good advice except ALL six versions of the last map I made ended up corrupt for various reasons. One included the deletion of 60% of my placed items for no apparent reason. Additionally, it does nothing to retroactively fix the issue of me spawning dead in Forge mode. When this happens I am incapable of changing or editing anything, so these maps are essentially as good as lost.

A more concerning issue occurred in my most complete map. For some unknown reason my Red Spawns and anything with the color red on it seems to have "merged" into the Glacier map and are no longer functional as Forge pieces. Whenever my indicator hovers over an item with a red color or one of the red initial spawns, I experience a massive framerate drop. Furthermore, if I attempt to generate lighting or load this map in custom games, my console crashes HARD. We are talking all the way back to the boot screen as the console resets itself.

To preemptively answer questions, I am barely yellow in any of the percentage bars on all but one of these maps that I mentioned. I have not exceeded recommended item count or over taxed my lightmap on any of these. Two of them do involve a lot of "invisible light" items but again, the light map is not maxed out and I am experiencing the same spawn issues on all three of the Forge maps available and with multiple day/night settings.

As a result of these problems, I simply cannot finish a map. The last map I tried to do was laughably simple and used only 35% of any one percentage bar. Still, after completing, saving multiple iterations, and attempting to load back in, I experienced the issues mentioned above. What gives? Is anyone else experiencing issues?

I have gone through basic troubleshooting protocols and have exhausted anything else I can do from my end. I am, simply put, at a loss here. I have trepidations about continuing to use Forge (my favorite part of Halo) since I don't know what is causing any of these issues. Again. I cannot explain why I spawn dead in my maps considering all the initial spawns and such are there and functional. I do not understand why I can spawn just fine in Custom Games without being able to do so in Forge.

Anyone have a clue?
Hey OP, kazinsser on Reddit posted this work around that should resolve help out with the spawning issues. I believe 343 should be dropping something a bit more official on this soon, but this should help you out in the mean time. Let me know if that helps at all :)
Doesn't work. I have spawn points in those maps. My friends spawn dead in the map as well. :/
I used to have similar issues with forge awhile back but they’ve all seemed to be resolved with the updates, but alas a new storm of bugs have seemed to roll on on as time has passed. If anyone of you have experienced these issues and has a resolve please let me know. I wanted to make a list of a few gamebreaking bugs from both forge and custom games that really need a fix.

-Alpine items overtax: when you reach a certain item count (about 1520) items and players will randomly become invisible and you’re no longer able to select any items that disappear.

-Player join black screen: I’ve not pinpointed how to avoid this, but when a player joins your forge your screen will randomly cut to a screen similar to the start of a new round and a large portion of items will disappear and you’ll need to reload the map.

-Massive lag spikes during player join/leave during custom games: I’m in a warhammer based clan on halo currently and this issue is a neusance. When players join or leave your custom game you experience game breaking lag, my screen has frozen up for over a minute before, I can still hear actions when I move or melee but the screen is frozen. My other clan mates experience this lag too and I have no clue how to go about resolving this.

-Lightmap issues: Two major issues I’ve run into with the lightmap are with what seems to be emissive pieces. I’m working on an invasion gametype and have spent upwards of 14 hours on this map and whenever I generate lighting the entire map has a red shine. I have no idea what’s causing this or how to fix this issue but it seems to only be a problem on parallax. The other isn’t so much an issue but something that could save a lot of time, forge pieces should be default set to light baking off, or have a master control to turn light baking off completely. This would be a huge time and frustration saver for people forging large maps with high item counts to save performance.

-Inaccurate movement Scripting: I know everyone has had this problem in the past if you tinker with scripting like I do, and this issue is irritating. Scripted pieces that move and reset never reach back to their appropriate starting point. If you got to check their coordinates or rotation they always seem to be off a degree or two and it’s very irritating especially with doors and bridges. I’d also like to see an option for when modifying movement scripting that you would have an indicator showing where that item might go to so you know the right digits to punch in.

if you guys have these issues or have fixes please let me know as I’m sure many people have these problems as well.
Hey there, i also am experiencing the same problem. Have you found a soulution since this post.
Dosent spawn my stuff in and the players when it works it's a Miracle