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[Locked] Future Suggestions

OP Thorne3057

Hello all,
Just a throw back to the older games but may you take a moment to hear me out? Customization is an appeal that has hit many at home. Being able to customize your character really makes them unique on every level and with that, entertaining, and it feels like as the games progress we have slowly lost that appeal. This does not mean that it is not a feature that can not be reiterated in later games, in fact that would be one of the better things for a sci-fi shooter. Nothing says kick butt like a mobile suit of ODST armor am I right?
This. Probably my largest complaint of 5, the req armor. Reach, or even 3’s customization would be amazing, though i like the current UI
Feel free to use any of the existing wish list threads in General Discussion or Universe to talk about future Halo games and features :)