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Game Crashed, and now won't work.

OP Wiley GG

My game crashed in the middle of a 2v2 game. First the visuals stopped but I could hear the game still going on, and I could move. Then the audio glitched and started rapidly repeating a sound. Now I tried restarting the game multiple times, and I have not gotten past the MotD, or the "Connecting to Lobby" screen. I am on the Series X which has had connection issues since day one for me. Anybody seen this or do they have recommendations?
I don’t think it’s a Series X issue. All the series X does is add HDR & Faster load times to Halo 5.

Personally I would try a hard reset of the console by holding down the power button for 10 seconds and waiting for the auto shutdown of the console. That’ll clear the cache. Give it a few mins before powering up again. Hopefully that’ll work.

Connecting to lobby seems more of a connection based issue to me. Wether that’s your side or the Halo server side I don’t know.
i have also been having constant server issues, disconnecting in the middle of the game(or right at the end so i lose CSR even if i win), also on series X. i never had these issues with my one S and i have a very good internet connection that is hard wired to the xbox. more often than not when i go into matchmaking it gets 3/4 loaded(with no other players found which i thought was odd cause usually by 3/4 loading you have other players loaded) and then times out or just keeps trying to load with no success. when i hard restart it, about 80% o the time after that it works good. it has been a constant issue for me since i switched to the series x. i put in a support ticket with halo support on friday so we shall see what they say. i thought it was a sever issue at first, but maybe its a hardware issue since it never was like this on the xbox one s