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Get rid of stupid KDA!

OP Nemesis X 325

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For removal of KDA display, it makes the game a lot more relaxed of an environment, people are more focused on having fun and creating awesome moments or getting some new people on their friendlist than if they were giving it their all.

Against: I like knowing how well or bad I did, doing bad one game gives me incentive to try a new strategy/weapon/vehicle and get better in the next.

I don't use KDA to boast or propel myself above everyone else, if I get a good KD, awesome, I have a little private celebration in the form of a fist pump, if I get a bad KD, I shrug and tell myself "try something different"

Really though, there are good reasons to keep and to remove, but I'd rather see it stay.
though maybe have social change the scoreboard to only display kills or objective scores.
That way everyone gets a playlist that makes them happy.
Someone must not be a team player. Assists aren't always failed kills, they're exactly what they are......,,assists. I'd rather have a guy team shoot over a lone wolf leaving the rest of his team to fend for themselves :) statistically speaking most games the winner has the most assists (generally) because of team play. KDA is a good way to show it.
Yeah, maybe in the Area stats, but in post-game carnage I'd like to know my kills to death ratio as a quick way of judging my game.
I really don't care about assists. The kill is the thing that gives my team points, not assists. My deaths give the other team points, so there you are.
I'm fine with it being in the Service Record, but take it out of the post-game stats.
Really? You do realise that it gives youa k/d score not kda? Besides KDA is a much better measure of performance if you worry about such things.

And to say assists are just failed kills is wrong in so many ways. Assists do give your team points, as in other peoples kills on your team? By assisting you have made it that much easier for your team to score. Now if your talking about FFA then i would agree with you but all the other lists are team games.
I don't fully understand what your complaint is. The kills and deaths are listed. Yes there is KDA calculated for us, but that's just because calculating that would require more than common sense for most of us.

I like seeing my KDA. It's a team effort, and I like see all the numbers of how I contributed to that game.
You do realize that the number you're shown in every carnage report - the first thing you see after you get out of the match - that the big number that shows your kills, it tells you your KD ratio right under?

And doing the math yourself isn't too hard, either. It's just kills divided by deaths... And if you really want to see your KD, Waypoint shows you your overall KD, as well as your Arena KD.

The only places you will see KDA are in your arena stats (in your WZ stats it shows you KD only I believe), when you go to the scoreboard in the carnage report and scroll right, and when you press start during a match.
I wouldn't mind a complete removal of all stat tracking. I could actually play the game for fun instead of my sweaty try hard mode 24/7/365.
You can see your K/D ratio just after the game OP.. Just dont push A button ;)
But than how will people get the Bulldozer commendation?
Wow...just wow OP

KDA is far more accurate than a straight K/D

Halo is geared towards teams so assists do mean something

If you have thsi mindset about halo I feel bad for you son

Cause I got 99 problems but a BK aint one
I just try to b e positive, if I'm negative I feel as though I didn't contribute. ..well I contributed to the enemy team. That's how I see KD.
I don't mind the KDA, as assists probably should matter when determining your success in any given match. With that being said, I'm not sure what an assist should be worth when determining something like that. While 3 assists equaling 1 kill seems about right, it also seems a little arbitrary.

Either way, why do you care so much? You can easily go to your service record and get your K/D. or better yet just do some simple division to get an approximate number.
I just don't really care about it at all. I trashed my KD and KDA working on commendations and sacrificing myself for my team countless times.

Just play the game, have fun, and don't worry about stats. I am a completionist so I have to finish my commendations though. lol
This, my KD has never mattered to me. I've never understood why it means anything to people. Last time I even heard of somebody caring about it was like 10 years ago in middle school.
Assist are failed kills? What're you twelve or something?
The formula for the KDA was a little off (at game launch)... Now I get it. I do want to know what true K/D is at the end of the game though. I think there should be more stats. And medals at the end... Heck... The whole user interface needs to be updated. The lobby and carnage report is utter garbage.
It does display the KD after each arena game.
I don't feel features should be removed because it hurts other people's feelings. I want MORE stats and breakdowns in fact. And if I go -12 I want to know about it so I can look at what I did wrong and fix it. Not get mad at the game because it told me I did bad.
This. So so this. As it is this game already does not give enough stats at the end of the game (medal counts anyone?), so removing anything makes no sense.

As for KDA itself, it is an entirely relevent stat that means way more than a simple KD calculator does. When playing on good teams that can force other players into getting teamshot, often times you might only deal 30-50% of the total damage on a player and get the kill shot. The damage done by the other player is important, and KDA helps show their contributions to the game.
How about get rid of it in social playlists? That should probably stop the people boosting their KDA in social playlists.
Yeah I agree with that
i just find it hard to tell whether or not im playing well or not
KD doesn't mean anything. A does.

My friend has a 9.2 K/D ratio because of Grifball. He averages about 50-80 kills and 20-30 deaths tops.

Assists matter more than kills and here's my experience and explanation as to why-

I have had numerous matches where some random teammate would follow me around and put the last shot in a guy I did all the work on (literally wouldn't fire his weapon until no shields) and by the end of the game I'd had, I think the smallest amount of assists was 15 and 1 kill. I recall one game specifically where I had 19 assists and 5 kills, 7 deaths.

None of that mattered because we won. Team play wins everywhere but FFA, FFA wins come with strategy.
It does display the KD after each arena game.
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