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Getting Betrayed For a Power Weapon

OP Buttonterror

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Ray P 64 wrote:
I report and block them. I won't let some little "yoink" spoil my fun because mommy and daddy didn't give them enough allowance money to buy REQ packs so they can unlock their own weapons. Apparently the last guy I reported got "perma-banned" because I wasn't the only guy he was doing this to.
It's not about money... anybody silly enough to spend money on reqs deserves to get their power weapons taken from them tbh. Don't support the system
yes i get killed for my profets bane..or my nornfang..
I actually had a guy gun me down on basin for the sniper and proceed to take the lift to camo. Unfortunately for him i was playing with my company and 4 of them followed right after him and i spawned by camo so we proceed to gun and melee him down. Got my sniper back to so i was happy. We even made a video clip of it in theater mode.
can we see the clip please. I like when people who are betraying team mates get killed and know what it feels.
Here you go guys found them just for your pleasure. these videos are from the point of view of the chump who thought it was a good idea if he had the sniper instead of Epic. Sorry our Company thought other wise...
Video 1
Video 2^^^ Picked the wrong person to betray...(that's my friend!)^^^
Some players can be -Yoink-'s, I'm generally a solo player so I don't expect too much from teammates, I'm starting to get more interested in ffa because of this.
You should get a team and have call outs or play more ffa.
PS: if you are looking for a team, I am too, if you are interested send me a message.
Man, my behavior is the exact opposite. I'm the type of guy that spawns in a Phaeton Helios and gives it to somebody on my team.

When I see somebody on my team with a powerful weapon or vehicle, I will sometimes follow them around and try to protect them. If you spawn with a scorpion or wraith, I will equip the Wheelman armor mod and hop in the gunner seat so I can give you that extra bit of damage protection. If you die with a nornfang, I will pick it up (without using it) and find a place to hide until you run back, then I will try to swap with a random BR on the ground to give it back to you.
I think you just stumbled upon a bad nut.
Has not happened to me in Warzone, but in arena. And it pisses me off sooooooooo much
Ahhhh...this reminds me of the good ol' days. Back when players would betray teammates for rocks or the sniper rifle...simpler times...

Anyhow, this is absolute nonsense altogether. I usually don't pay for REQ packs, so mythic weapons are extremely rare finds for me; I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in this boat. That makes this whole scenario even worse. It's not fair that I dedicate HOURS of playtime to get enough REQ points to get a gold pack and FINALLY get a good weapon...only for some idiot teammate to run up and kill me for it. That's the thing about REQ weapons: they don't respawn on the map. Even IF it's BTB and people are fighting for the splazer or rocks, betraying for weapons just because you think you can use it better is not how Halo should be played; not now, and certainly not back then.
Report them. That's literally the most you can do at this point.

I remember grabbing a Vorpal Talon from an enemy I killed a couple of days after launch. I had never used the weapon before so I was really excited to kill some people with it, but then some -Yoink- on my team splattered me for it.
My advise, just don't let it get to you. Also report them. Other than that, the other option is run to home base and stand in there, till the match is over, then you both lose.
I'm guilty of following a power weapon around sometimes, but for only one reason: It was mine 10 sec ago but I spawned it in then got shelled by a wraith or sniped immediately after calling it in (and USUALLY not my fault :P). However, in contrary to the main discussion, sometimes this does happen. I wish there was a way to positive rep someone like for stuff like this.
If i had a dollar for each this happend to me i would be able to buy gold reqs to replace the ones i got betrayed for
Happens a lot to me. All game modes. Ohh look, a lightrifle that NOBODY wants. I guess I'll take it. Partner finds and gets me killed for it.
This ever happen to anyone else? Because its frequently happening to me!

Did a few games of warzone yesterday and thought I would spawn in a Nornfang and get a few easy kills. How wrong I was. As soon as i spawn it in a fellow team-killer-mate spots what I have in my hand and just does not leave me alone, constantly shoulder charging me, ground pounding me, positioning himself in my cross hair. So i decided to not let this get to me and just wait till he gets bored.


He walks away and I think im in the clear. Few seconds later. Splattered by his ghost!!! He then picks it up, jumps on my body and fires 6 of the shots into the ground....6 kills wasted!

What is the deal with these team-killer-mates? I seem to be running into one every few games, making it very frustrating and pretty much impossible to spawn in the good class of power weapons without watching out for them.

I understand that they most likely get some kind of joy out of this. Maybe because they dont have the weapon to spawn in themselves, but it spoils the game for those who have the chance to spawn it in and wait for the req level to do so.
Hahaha sucks man. I've run into these people sometimes when I'm just carrying standard weapons... They're just trolling and in the worst way too - The unfunny kind. I can appreciate a good trolling prank every now and then, like ground pounding someone off of the ledge you're both standing on in Infection, leaving him to be food for the living dead, but sometimes people do what you explained forever with no reason behind it at all besides to be annoying.

The kid you ran into wanting your Nornfang is probably a kid who's mother never tells him no.
Try to get into a clan, if you play with a full team of people you know you won't get that at all and you will even get your weapon back if you die with it.
Betrayed? For a power weapon in Halo? Unheard of!

Sorry, had to be sarcastic, but yeah, this has been happening for a long time, its just one of those annoyances of the Halo series, and games in general.
I quit bringing in reqs for a while because of that. Bring in a sniper and jump on top if the garage top get charged off and shot down or run over. I just use my low level reqs unless the team I'm on doesn't have any players trying to steal weapons.
My first time pulling out norfang I got betrayed and he missed all of the remaining shots then when I got back to him he tried to act all friendly and sorry
I had a OathSworn & this Kid just follows me around Spartan Charging me & ground pounding me, seriously get your own weapons than trying to take them from your team-mates
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