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[Locked] Goodbye halo 5, I think (not toxic post)

OP Gandalfur

Unlike many who post similar titles I have relativley few gripes with the direction that 343 took halo; Im not a fan of the artstyle but i can tolerate it, spartan abilites are ok minus spartan charge which needs to go back to pus infested abyss that it came from (cough) destiny,
and speaking of destiny...
Probably the biggest gripes i Had with this game was that its campaign was the biggest disaappointment that I have faced in my gaming career since destiny. all those negatives aside I truely enjoyed the game despite the fact that I was never really able to shake the feeling that I was playing a beta.
I cannot count the times ive had to dashboard the game or how many times the game crashed on me look, 343 if you are reading this, Im not leaving the halo community truth be told this community cant afford to lose any more fans and thats why I want to tell you guys that Im certain you guys can make the best halo game yet.
I have over pretty close to 50 days in halo 5 pretty damn close to 146 ranking ect... heres my problem though, this game with all its bugs and poor matchmaking are a test of patience im an extremely calm and patient person but after playing ranked with 2 plats and losing it because the team showed NO desire to work as part of a team Now while this is a common occurance and honestly not even that big of a deal this was the catalyst for making me realize just how damn frustrating this game can be.
I have friends several of them who REFUSE to play from how frustrating the game can be the sheer amount of quick deaths spawn camping and killing and immersion breaking bugs are truely astounding.
Now, with that said I want to stress how much Ive TRUELY enjoyed this game Im actually even still addicted its my go to multiplayer shooter even with games like overwatch and gears 4 in my library ive even bought games like darksouls 3 or the witcher and let them sit so I can play halo. But I think my time with this game is up. Theres just so many games I havent played so much out there that I KNOW wont frustrate me thats not falsely advertised or a buggy mess...
Take your time with halo 6 343 and listen to the core halo fans, halo DEFINITLEY needs to go back to its roots at tge very least when it comes to art. I want this community to grow and to reclaim its throne I dont want the dumpsterfire that is destiny to continue to be more popular than this franchise make it happen 343, microsoft do it without lootboxes no shady business, just pure 100% halo fun and people will come, and please for the love of god dont make it play anywhere. If you bring halo 6 to pc you WILL destroy ALL of xbox's remaining appeal and the brand will die I promise you...

Exclusives destinguish a console seperate it from the pack and right now sony and pc is offering alnost everything you are and more so dont be silly. If the game is good enough people WILL buy your hardware to play it zelda breath of the wild and mario odessey proved that THIS YEAR. With that tangent out of the way goodbye halo 5 Ive had some good times with your crazy multiplayer and badass forge I can only hope they listen to the fans and also keep the game polished next time cya next game spartans, bye.