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Got a DNF for quitting the search screen!

OP VirtualMark

This is annoying as hell, I don't want any DNFs on my record if I can help it. I accidentally started a search, so backed out. The menu came up, but it wouldn't back out. I tried again, same thing. It was before it had found anyone, but wouldn't back out. Then it found some people, so I quickly dashboarded and quit the game. When I went on later, I saw that it'd counted as a DNF!

This unresponsive menu problem actually happens fairly frequently, but I usually just play the extra game. The menus just seem to stop working on occasion. I realise that once it's starting the dedicated server we're already locked in. But this was way before that and the "leave matchmaking" dialogue came up and it simply wouldn't let me leave. Is this a bug?
When will people learn to record their damned screens so we can see where the mistake was?!
AsGryffynn wrote:
When will people learn to record their damned screens so we can see where the mistake was?!
It happens fairly regularly, and I don't really need to record it as I've explained what happened. It was before any players were found, and the "leave matchmaking" dialogue appeared when I tried to back out, so I wasn't locked in. I pressed to back out, nothing happened.

Do you really need a video of this?
dashboarding has been a regular thing

however i think they might have fixed it with this last update making it count as a DNF to ban quitters
Yeah the menu is horrible.
I hope they fix it soon but I dont think they will.
Doesn't happen to me that often anymore since the update. However, my friend who I usually group with has had this problem since release and continues to have this issue. He tries to back out but the menu doesn't respond. He ends up button mashing back until it sends him all the way to the title screen. :/ frustrating.
I think you should be able to back out of a Warzone game when you are in the lobby.