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[Locked] Got any stance ideas? (PLEASE LOCK)

OP MuffTublets

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I want to see stances involving the following:

  • Tactical Magnum being held 007 style
  • The crane stance
  • Juggling a frag, plasma, and splinter grenade at once
  • Doing a handstand / headstand
  • Holding the ball from Assault / Grifball
  • Punching the ground (much like Armor Lock or Ground Pound)
Also maybe a lone wolf standing where you're like Noble 6 with an AR in one hand and a magnum in the other.
A spooked stance where you hold your hand to your mouth and look surprised
One where you are tired and trying catch your breathe.
As you can tell I stopped caring for seriousness in halo these days and think some funny stances would be cool
In that case, a spartan holding Exuberant in their right arm against the side of their torso, and giving a thumbs up with their left hand. Call the stance Forger.
That would actually be cool
Dual wielding would be a good one and maybe some vehicle based ones (hog, ghost, gun goose). I also liked the resident evil figure unlocks that had character dialogue "Finish the Fight"
Ok check this, what about this:
Overlook: Basically a stance of duel SMGs and crouching like Chief on the cover of Halo 2.
Now you see me: really just the assassin stance, only you have prophits bane and you're partially invisible.

That's I got right now, but I might come back to this thread later...
How hasn't there been one called "Stick It' yet, where the spartan is either juggling stickies, or is poised to throw one?

Also, "Go Long" with the arm back to throw the grifball would be sweet. You could even call that one "Chicken Parm" (ha ha ha, Peyton Manning).
Full Disclosure: This is a blatant and complete rip-off from Overwatch.

But I think it would be cool to add different "holiday" stances. Maybe the spartan wearing a Santa Claus hat for Christmas (maybe something like this), holding a bowl of candy for Halloween, maybe rabbit ears for Easter. It could be something for people to come back to Halo 5 just to unlock these different stances during their respective season.

It's just great.

(Or this lol)

For something very different, have your spartan standing with his hands up (with body language showing surprise) like he just got caught!
H2 cover art stance (dual SMGs).
Spartan pointing an incineration cannon at the viewer in one hand, charging, while holding a Splaser in the other, pointed 45° downwards behind (also stood sideways).
For some reason I just don't like the saw stance, if the spartan were to be standing up with one arm stretched out firing the saw the other with the other arm suggesting 'bring it'. To me the current saw stance makes your spartan look constipated. Also what if stances were interactive, meaning that they would occasionally fire their weapon for which they were holding similar to xbox avatar props.

Thought you might like this reference :)
I would like to see a spartan kneeling in front of a rifle and helment to honor there fallen brother and sister spartans
Double SMGs would look lit
Another one called 'cup of Tea'
Simply crouch down, then come back up again, over and over till it gets boring.
Wish they were interactive ;(

I'm Batman
I'd really like to see a knife stance. I know we have one now, but it looks awkward and doesn't do a great job showcasing your armor. I'd also like to see a better energy sword stance. The one we have now looks weird with the spartan scrunched over. Not to mention the sword glitches out pretty often.
I would like one with the prophet's bane or another with 2 energy swords
plasma grenade held pitcher style. Call it Fastball
plasma grenade held pitcher style. Call it Fastball
What about these? :)

  • "To War"
  • "Wishful Thinking"
  • "Hunting Season"
  • "Lone Wolf"
  • "Surrender"
  • "Friend In Need"
  • "Loyal"
  • "Savior"
That's amazing!!! I love Hunting Season
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One with a knife.
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