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[Locked] H5 is going to lose all it's population.

OP That Coopee guy

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I totally agree.
It's not going to lose me...that means it can't lose ALL of its population.

Therefore you are wrong and everything you just said is meaningless.

Good Job!
New stuff is going to be added constantly on this game. The Halo playlist are always changing and updating. There will be more Warzone maps. There will be more maps overall and they'll all be free be patient, people.
Thats all well and good but the game needs some of that NOW.
Have a beer and take a nap. You need to chill out. It hasn't even been out 3 full days.
And in 4 days judgement day arrives in the form of blops 3. Blops 2 crushed h4 and I dont want it to happen again.
dude, seriously. the game JUST came out. give it time, 343i is a game developer, they understand perfectly well the competition they will have.
Urloch wrote:
ChivasUK wrote:
Hey that coopee guy, you have no chill :D
Hey that ChivasUK guy, we all have no playlists :\
Your account hasn't played Halo 5 yet so I guess you aren't suffering from that too badly?
I'd love to have a reason to go get the latest Halo game. The fact that Halo doesn't have but two of the all-time most popular Halo playlists is shocking...but the reality we live in. I'm hoping to hear Snipers, Doubles, and BTB are added soon. I also hope the game hasn't experienced any sort of Halo 4-type population crash by then.

You own the game today, but neither of us can play any of the traditionally most popular playlists. I think you, my account, and I all share a much more similar position here than you care to recognize right now.
Slayer is the most popular playlist. Why would you care if the population has crashed? If you like the game it shouldn't change anything.

I played Halo 4 all the way up untill Halo MCC.
I'm liking it but stink at shooting and hate the recticle.
Other games run at 60 frames per second 1player and they are split screen also 343 indestries said that they've would of added it if they had the time but if think that it is bs and they had time to do this although it is 343 what can we say they just not up to the level of bunjie and they will always make a mistake unless they truly listen
I guess this is where I differ from most. I don't mind "lack of content" if what is offered is at least solid. Most game modes I don't care for, BTB, CTF, etc.; I'm just not an objective based gametype or big battle fan, but that's just me. :) I'm not saying there shouldn't be mulitple gametypes, but they should be limited to keep the game from dividing the player-base to utter oblivion.
Urloch wrote:
Guess I'll be winning every game then.
I'm with this genius.
I have to disagree. Halo 5 is for badasses, if you don't like it you're not a badass
Sorry but ill probably play both games, (fallout and halo). One is to satisfy my competitive spirit, the other is to enjoy the ability to create and improvise.

Halo 5 is a monumental success in regards to what we as many fans of Halo wanted from the engine, sliding, thrusting out of the way to safety, people cant sprint and recharge shields, so so so so so so many walls you can scale and climb up to get the element of surprise on players, pistols and br gameplay is precise and concise to your ability to headshot...

we paid the typical 60 bucks for a game and with the way developers are releasing games now days, you are lucky if you get 20 gigs of content to download and play initially. With Halo 5, they have kept their edge by giving us over 58 gigs.

Too many are happy with this new Halo engine to take your opinion seriously, sorry. Now go enjoy those games because plenty of us will enjoy this one, as well as those that are on their way.

PS: Forge mode will revolutionize the effect of fans, competition and the developer.
You summed up my thoughts! With forge in december, H5 ain't going nowhere.

Also, RIGHT NOW, we can see that a lot of the people here aren't just going to jump ship, so that's something.

Also yes, BO3 is one thing but I'm pretty sure a lot of us here prefer Halo to that, no matter how barebones. Me personally, I'd play Halo:CE all day if I had a choice between BO3 and it.

Fallout is the only real contender, and it probably won't shrink the population too much, seeing as most of the population here is for multiplayer. A lot of the singleplayer fans will surely go there but probably come back to sate their thirst for a nice multiplayer experience.
Unless 343 does something NOW!

This game is so barebones. Unless you really enjoy Warzone and Breakout/SWAT(I don't) there just isn't much to play. 343 can't wait to add in more gametypes and playlists. In a week's time Blops3 and Fallout 4 launch. H5, as it is right now, cannot compete with those games. The gameplay is good(great even) but the game gives so little reason to play and come back.

Add Social slayer
Add Social Multi Team
Add Infection
Add ranked snipers
Add ranked Doubles


Complains about game. Hasn't played it yet...
Urloch wrote:
Guess I'll be winning every game then.
I'm with this genius.
Yeah, and I'm with you too.
The game is rushed
How can you play capture the flag without creating a custom game?
I'm enjoying Warzone, but I agree that 343 desperately need to add a lot more modes.

They should add add in dedicated playlists for CTF, Infection, Grifball, Team Snipers and Action Sack.

Casual gamers will be sucked away by Black Ops 3 next week if 343 doesn't add more game modes soon. Saying 'December' isn't good enough when Halo 5's biggest competitor (Black Ops 3), comes out next week with a larger and more varied selection of playlists.
Urloch wrote:
Urloch wrote:
You haven't played H5 or any Halo game yet, at least on this account......
The only way you can counter these arguments is with these pathetic comebacks rather than adressing the actual question. Aren't you an eloquent individual?
I dont see what my service record has to do with this topic.
It's central to the debate. Having an account which hasn't played the game kind of undermines any points you have to put forward.
That makes literally no sense.
Agree Agree Agree!
The game-modes we have so far seem ok for the meantime but it would have been awesome if they had some more on the launch date, hopefully near the holiday season we will be able to play more game modes
odd ball
sword fight
I'll be playing it for a while. And when Forge and BTB are released that will only help.
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