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[Locked] Halo 5 Beta Feedback Thread


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Everything feels really laggy. The movement, sprint, changing weapons, reloading, hitting any button after the other, throwing a grenade after shooting. Nothing feels precise. The sniper rifle fire rate is also way too low, especially with the thruster packs now. Should be more similar to Halo 2 fire rate.
The game is amazing, first off it competitive. Good shooting no lag u fire it hits the target it's awesome,only downfall is the ranking it's not number ranking it's lame, I played 3 hrs I'm already onxy then what I go semi pro I can play for days not go up or down then I go pro and I get knockdown if I'm not active or busy that is not cool u work hard to get that rank u should keep it, ranking system is way to short and doesn't have a goal long enough to fight for u might as well go semi pro and quit I'll have that in two days and this is a demo. So hope this helps out.
For us It was horrific, not a good experience, it was not fun to play, maps where ugly, weapons and spartan abilitys felt dodgy, poor resolution 1280x720 so we uninstalled after two games.

Sorry for been so blunt but thats our opinion
sounds more like you're just being bratty. two games and unistalled? childish.
In the very least, I would like to check back on the last played match. I sometimes press a button and can't get back to the results.
Also, if there could be a timer for respawn, that would be great. Right now, sometimes I am fooled by the killcam/watching allies and don't know that I am actually playing.
Played a couple matches earlier and I'm liking how everything is feeling. I'd really like to see a control setting that implements jumping with the left bumper and sprinting with the left stick. And can we get some music playing while searching for matches?
Descoping should be modified to where you don't get descoped until your shield are down.
the game is ok .. but it should not be call HALO .. this is not halo ... i dont feel like i am playing halo at all when i play this .. even the look of it .. i didnt like halo 4 .. halo 2 anniversery .. then halo 5 ... i think i will just play the bungie halo when i wanna play some real legit stuff .. this is for kids ... and call of duty fans ... can you please just make halo 3 kill register on master chief collection before you try to sell me that garbage ? thank you
After two days, here's what I think:


Smg needs to be nerfed with its range. I think its doing the AR's job now which it shouldn't be. Damage could stay the same.

Prophet's Bane is a very powerful weapon but I think that it is only useful for stealth. This is because you can only kill so many (often times just 1) before someone is alerted that you have the blade. In order to get multiple kills with it, it should be used sparingly and only if opponents are few and within range, not expecting you. Otherwise you end up getting one kill and essentially giving the other team the sword (I know because I've done it plenty). I say keep the Prophet's Bane the way it is.

Battle Rifle seems to be quite fast but I noticed that I missed a lot of the final 4th shot. I always hit the first three shots on head but end up missing the last one to the head and I always pay for it. Its quite frustrating. Nonetheless, it seems to be fine where it is at, a 4 shot rifle.

Assault Rifle is finally useful now with zoom but it gets frustrating losing to an AR when using BR or DMR. It seems fine the way it is, if not maybe a slight nerf to the damage.

I don't really use DMR so I'm gonna skip that.

Pistol is the hardest for me to use. No complaints here though. Just suck at it cause I tend to rapid fire and it recoils a lot.

Sniper Rifle doesn't seem like a power weapon. It feels semi-power weapon mainly because everyone ignores grabbing it on Empire and because I found it difficult to get headshots considering the new mobility options given to all players.


I think clamber is quite useful despite taking away crouch jumping but it also allows other combinations of jumps to work, such as thruster pack, use stabilizers, and clamber onto the ledge. It works fine.

Thruster Pack is the most useful tool with strafes, getting to cover, and outmanuevering opponents. However, I'd say it needs to go slightly further in distance overall. Sometimes I got killed either because my thrust didn't get me far enough or I'd thrust sideways into cover only to be told by the game that I died. It could use a slight tweak to boost distance.

I don't really use stabilizers much but they can stay for the extra peek shot. Especially if you have a sniper.

Groud Pound seems to be quite difficult to pull off. And even when you hit someone, you still have to finish them off when they have a clear shot of you while in mid-air and after you land. I think it could stay.

Spartan charge barely works and I hate it how we can't just run up to someone and melee. It's quite easy to counter as many have insta-kill me in the back with a melee after I attempt to use spartan charge. I would rather have the option to melee instead of spartan charge.

Smart link seems to be an upgrade to the older zoom model that traditional Halo multiplayer lacks. It allows all weapons to either zoom or have an alternate fire mode. This is fine as long as descope is in, it makes sense.

Slide isn't used often for me but when I do, it is helpful to be in a lower position and become a harder target. The tradeoff is just having to be at full speed. Keep it the same.

Sprint. One of the most debated topics around Halo. I think sprint balances fine now that shields are linked to sprinting. Escaping a battle is no longer an option now. Most often times I've tried this and it almost always ends up killing me in the end anyways. But for me, sometimes it can't be helped to run away knowing that there is the whole opposing team approaching me and I realize I can't win. As I mentioned before in sprint threads, sprint is now a tactical decision. Its not only sprinting or running away now, its whether I should sprint or take my time? I think that sprint should be kept the way it is now. No tweaks needed here.

EDIT: Overall, I like the game based on the beta so far. Although it is quite difficult to beat other teams at times and the game does involve competitive skill. Some players just know how to work well together. Unfortunately I don't get that too often being a random.
I do agree that if I am going positive for instance 2.0 KD and my team goes negative and we lose, I feel that if anything my loss penalty should be severely decreased. A loss is a loss but don't fully penalize me because everyone else had a bad performance.

As for shields and weapon damage, I think everything works as it is. The SMG is good as it is as well as the AR. If either is boosted, they will be overpowered. If they are nerfed then they will be pretty much useless. The weapons are pretty well balanced. If you are mad because you are getting tore apart by an SMG or AR, stop going in close with a BR or DMR. It's that simple. Use the weapons how they are intended and in the proper situations and you will be fine.

As for the end of the game celebration, that's kind of how I feel after winning a close match so the celebration is fine with me. Anyone who has played any sport or game knows that they feel awesome that they won and they will celebrate. How much depends on how much they won by or how close it was. If the match was like 50-35 then the celebration should be toned down. If it was like 49-50 then it should be how it currently is. So the celebrations should be dynamic in how much a team won by. No need for extreme celebration if it was a white wash. Maybe just a couple of nods and whatever. If the match was a close win, then it should be along the lines of yeah we won, high five, get at me type of thing. After all, it is a competitive game whether you play just for fun or play competitively. However in either cases, good sportsmanship should always be promoted. I mean look at how pro gamers act when they win an intense game of Halo. Look at how college football is when they score a touchdown or win a game. If it was a blow out, they aren't celebrating real crazy. If it was close then everyone is super ecstatic.

I also enjoy the Spartan chatter in game. It adds the communication that is lacking when you aren't playing with a group of friends or a team that plays together often. Even when I play with buddies, it helps us all understand how each other is doing when we get "in the game" and don't chatter as much because of intense focus. When I hear one of the Spartans say shields are down, I know hey he/she is most likely going to die if I don't step in and help or they might start backing down before they get a chance to say it themselves. I know for a fact when I get into an intense battle sometimes I don't say anything. It happens to everyone sometimes and the automatic chatter fills in when I failed to do so. Its a good thing and I'm glad they added it.

One thing they do need to add is the ability to re-open the Carnage Report after you close it. I hate not being able to review the stats again after I closed it.

I hope they also have a bunch of different opening and end game Spartan cinematic or whatever you want to call them. The same ones over and over again is boring. Again, make it dynamic, maybe according to the gametype and the how well the team performed.

I also feel that how Sprint affects shield recharge is awesome. It balances it very well.

Still super excited about Halo 5 for when it actually launches. Still loving the beta!
Can we have audio controls already? This isn't Berlin 1942.
Can't join a game on the beta or Halo: MCC. I was able to play slayer halo 2 anniversary multiplayer for the last weekish, now nothing. My connection is fine and other games work as advertised.

Extremely disappointed with 343i. I'm tired of the apologies and false hope. Please don't waste anymore time with apologies and spend it on fixing the game I spent $60 on!

P.S. don't tell me to go play campaign if my multiplayer doesn't work. I payed %100 of the value of the game to play %100 of the game.
What gives?! I was thoroughly enjoying the game and now suddenly I cannot search for a match! I know it's a beta but jeez...oh BTW I can be a!?
Automatics need a nerf
There are lots of issues that are understandable considering that it is a beta and I am hoping in the name of everything that's just and fair in this universe that 343 is smart enough to know them.

Besides that the only problems I have can be considered nitpicks:

-get rid of that music cue in the kill cam.
-DON'T forget to add the option to insta-spawn in some playlist akin to Halo 4. The fast spawning fits better with the faster paced Halo 5 gameplay.
-The intro scene is fine and makes its point to let us know that the MP matches are war games, training for the Spartans IV.
-That being said, GET RID of that moronic out of place victory animation. It baffles me to think that someone thought this was a good idea and that a group of individuals worked and used time and money to produce said animation.
-Some consider that the victory poses gives 'humanity' to the spartans. Well I say that the call outs and compliments in game already serve that purpose.
-I find call outs helpful as no one uses their mics, alas give people the option to turn them off.

*Cant really remember if this is an actual problem, but please don't throw away the work you did to make spartans feel like super soldiers in armor in Halo 4. Every step had a weight to it and the audio work was simply stunning. Same goes for the guns. Every pull of the trigger was satisfactory. Halo 4 is the only Halo that makes the plasma pistol feel powerful with the sound design*

Halo 5 really feels like the next step in Halo multiplayer and cant wait for the final polished product.
-Halo 2/ Halo 3 Ranking system
-Get rid of 2 second delay after Spartan Charge
-Ground pound is clunky at best
-Animations sometimes take away from game focus
-Trying too hard to be Advanced Warfare/Titanfall
-Stop copying Destiny with the tagline to the game and team introduction animation
-Bring back traditional Halo mechanics, like old aiming system
-Controller mechanics too clunky now, too many button mechanics that cause issues while gaming
-Stop repeating old Halo game playlists, bring in a new array of playlists, also applies to MCC, new game modes would make Halo fun again
-Please don't use Spartan Ranking system, because that killed Halo 4 so fast
-You heard me, please don't do that anymore
-Thanks for reading
Loved it at first. But now I can't stand it, I absolutely hate it. I hate how 343i rewards players who hold down the trigger, over someone who can accurately place their shots on target. The weapons fire rates seem way too fast to me, the DMR is just nasty, that thing needs to be toned down a bit. Same with the grenades, I say either start off with one grenade, or nerf the blast radius and power, it's just way too much grenade spam... but you know, Halo=Grenade Spam, right? I know it just sounds like I'm whining because I'm bad or something (I'm not gonna lie, I've sucked so much in the past like 5-7 matches I played), but this is just not what Halo was supposed to be. (Great, now I sound like one of those nostalgia -Yoinks!-) The game I think is broken, and needs to be fixed. I'm really glad this is just a beta, and 343 will hopefully fix some of these issues. The main reason I'll be getting H5:G is the campaign though, so MM won't effect me that much, you know? I think Halo should be about it's story more than its multiplayer, but that's just one mans opinion from someone who loves the campaigns and books.

Peace out people, hope you have fun with the beta!
Dracula08 wrote:
Beta is amazing...really enjoyed playing it.

But for the love of God, tone down the damage of the SMG and Assault Rifle. They are the most overpowered weapons in the beta. The assault rifle was never this powerful in any of the previous halos. Now people are just using assault rifles instead of BRs and DMRs because of how easy it is to kill with them (also because of how its harder to aim) and that is just so incredibly annoying/it just takes away from the fun experience. You literally have to land your shots perfectly using a magnum/BR/DMR against someone using an AR to not die...and even then, you're one shot from dying. Its just ridiculous how overpowered they are where a touch after your shields are down is enough to kill you. That's my only major complaint so far I have after playing it for 2 days.

Another small thing I noticed though is how you get placed on a really good team and demolish the other team or vice versa. I was able to play in very few matches in which the game was neck to neck but that's just something I noticed and not really a complaint. Oh well.

Good job though 343

Your one of the many that have ruined halo by wanting every game to be BR starts. You might as well ask for Halo 5 Battle rifles. What is the point of all the other guns in the game when every one has the BR. Assault Rifles are fine 343 don't listen to listen to these people.
I don't ever recall saying that we should get BR starts in every game. I only said the assault rifle and smg are way too overpowered. That's literally all I said. Nothing about BR or DMRs being the only weapon to start with or to play with.

Read the post before you decide to put words in others mouths
These controller schemes are garbage, let me make my own.
I really love the competative multiplayer ranking but I find it very frustrating and annoying when I get a kd ratio of 21 and I go down in the ranking only because I got paired up with people I did not want to get paired up with and lose the match. The ranking system should be more forgiving to those with a positive kd ratio on the losing team maybe like not make them go down in the ranking or go up staying where you are.

I also agree with some other comments about the SMG feeling a bit underpowered.
I agree. The SMG didn't have to be powerful in Halo 2 because you would never use the SMG unless you had two. However, since there is (sadly) still no dual wielding in Halo 5, you can't dual wield them. They make it feel like you're supposed to dual wield them with how weak they are, but then you realise that you can't dual wield in this game.

About weapons being underpowered: all of the precision weapons feel useless against ARs and SMGs. Instead of buffing the SMG, they should make it a little weaker and the AR much weaker.

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