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OP itBray

Hey everyone! After searching through the forums a little bit, I did not find any topics devoted to Forge additions as a whole. Some were specific to bug fixes or prop ideas, but no topic discussed Forge additions as a whole and I wanted to provide a place for just that!

So to start it off, here are a few of my own ideas for additions to Halo 5 Forge!

  1. Sequence Scripting
Being able to give an object a set of instructions that it would follow in order.
Example: Move 15 units on X,. Move 15 Units on Y, Rotate 180 Degrees on X, Reset Position/Rotation.

You could maybe even have the ability to do two functions at once
Example: Move 15 units on X and Y, Rotate 180 Degrees on X, Reset

This is technically possible in Forge now but there is a lot more involved in getting it to work than this system could provide.

  1. Randomized Scripting
Being able to supply a number of commands to an object and having one of those commands be executed on a specified timer.
There are not many "random" elements in Forge and to be able to make something a bit more organic could be used in a number of ways from creating more interesting aesthetics to creating new game types like having a "Golden Snitch" fly around a map.

  1. Volume-Based Scripting
This would be like Halo 2 Anniversary forge had where scripts could be executed when someone entered a volume, left a volume or stayed in a volume for a certain amount of time. I'm thinking automatic doors with this one :P
This is technically available through the use of the "Pressure Plate" glitch that was discovered but the addition as a feature would make it more accessible to people.

  1. Changing the physics/friction of objects
In past Halos, we've had vehicles behave differently on icy patches where warthogs would be more prone to sliding around. I think that this mechanic could make for some fun game play if it could be applied to any vehicle or object placed on a normal physics setting. I imagine it as a slider from 0-10 where 0 would be frictionless and 10 would be like driving through molasses.

  1. Script to change physics
Simply put, a script that can change an object's physics between phased, normal or fixed.

  1. Weapon and Vehicle Color Change –and- Vehicle Modifications
Especially coupled with a couple of these other suggestions, I think that It would be cool to distinguish different vehicles from each other that either indicate what team they belong to or what special function they have. We were able to change the color of mongooses in Halo: Reach but what I am picturing is something that would be cool for a map like Home World Hero’s Tank World maps.

Currently, those maps are just a battle between scorpions that are all on a level playing field. But what if some did more/less damage, could take more/less damage, were more/less accurate, shoot faster/slower or move faster/slower than other scorpions? Obviously balancing each type would come in to play (More damage = Less Defense, More Defense = Slower Movement)
But to do this, it would be pertinent if the enemy were able to distinguish which scorpions were which. The Blue Scorpion could be “The Tank” That moves slower and takes more damage while the Orange Scorpion would be the faster, highly volatile but much weaker “assassin.”
  1. Creating a “Game Camera”
Similar to Machinima mode in custom games, I imagine being to place a camera in Forge that forces the perspective of all players (or maybe specified players) to the view of that camera.
This would open the door to creating third person type games or having a RvB match where each team has a commander who can see the whole battle field and has to command his team who doesn’t see what he sees.
  1. Warzone REQs in Forge
I’ve seen others requesting this and I think that it would be an awesome way to just provide more variety for map makers in terms of mini game ideas as well as for making map sandboxes more interesting. To me this would include all of the weapon variants, like Appetite for Destruction or Void’s Tear, Vehicle variants that add more durable vehicles and explosive rounds, and Loadout options that provide energy bayonets, silenced weapons and jet-stabilized weapons, etc.

It also might be cool to have a sort of REQ station that could function in multiple ways
For example, they could function like they already currently do in Warzone or they could act as a weapon/vehicle request station that is set on a timer where every ‘x’ amount of seconds, a player can access the station and request a weapon/vehicle from a list that has been specified by the map creator in forge.
I want to discuss props and other forgeable objects that I would like to see added to the game.

  • More plushy toys of characters and things in the Halo Universe (Grunt, Whale, Pig)
    • Elites
    • Jackals
    • Hunters
    • Brutes
    • Spartans
    • Warthog
    • Ghost
    • Johnson
    • Cortana
    • Guilty Spark
    • Exuberant
    • Crawler
  • Weapon Drop pods from Halo 3
    • Closed
    • Open
    • Door
    • Have the object have the built in option to have a weapon spawn inside of it or launch from space after a specified timer.
    • Have doors be able to be blown or meleed off to access the weapon inside
  • Target Practice Dummies/Bullseyes
    • Like Shooting range or Strawmen on sticks
  • More lighting GOBO and Lens Flare effects
  • More Sound effects that are general enough to fit multiple situations
  • Speakers/Bullhorns
    • Speakers can play sound effects or pieces of dialogue like the sounds that are heard in Halo 3’s The Pit.
  • Cameras and TV’s that can be linked together via channels (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc.) so that a TV Screen displays what the camera Sees.
    • Could make for some very cool strategic implementations in some competitive maps.
    • Cameras could be visible or invisible and could maybe have the option of vulnerability so that they can be shot out, turning the screens to white noise static.
    • Also include other displays for the TV monitors when they aren’t displaying a feed like an “Offline” Screen, “Loading” Screen or aforementioned “White Noise” screen
    • TV Monitors can be invulnerable or destructible. Shooting the monitor causes the screen to crack and no longer display its feed.
  • More weapons and vehicles from past sandboxes
    • Chopper
    • Hornet
    • Falcon
    • Mauler
    • Brute Shot
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Sticky Detonator
    • Needle Rifle
    • Fire Grenades
    • Spikers
    • Spike Grenades
    • Flame Thrower
    • Halo 3 Equipment?
  • Med-packs (Aesthetic)
  • More poster decals like the Golden Warthog
  • All letters decals to allow us to spell out words
  • More Holograms
    • I believe that this does not have to be constrained to just AI or other things like the currently available Prophet Hologram. It could also include star maps or other displays like seen on Halo Reach’s map, Condemned.
  • More Trees and Rocks
    • Include piles of rubble and roots that can be added much more covertly than multiple rocks or upside-down trees.
    • Bushes
    • Tall Grass
    • Alien Trees
    • More Logs/Stumps
And that is all that I have thought of at this time. I am curious what else people would like to see! While I believe it is unrealistic to think every item on this list will be added to Halo 5, I feel like 343 is listening and if we want to see new things, we should suggest them! I am coming at this from a machinima point of view as well which means I am thinking of things that would make for cool videos in Halo 5.

Leave your suggestions below!