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Halo 5 Guardians Armor Combination Megathread

OP RUL MonkeyxMoo

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Halo 5 Guardians boasts a total of 467 armor and helmets; with 238 helmets and 229 body sets. If I did my math correctly, that's 54,502 total combinations of armor for you to choose from. Of course; twelve of those helmets and three of those body sets are locked behind paid/limited time REQ Packs and Spartan Companies. Anyway, I've spent the past few days collecting different armor combinations, be it asking for them or ripping them from YouTube videos. This is an effort on behalf of both me and you, the community, if you see a combo that isn't shown here then feel free to post it in the comments with a link to the screenshot (NO LAZY LINKS ACTUALLY POST THE DAMN THING IF YOU ARE A MARINE-IRON OR HIGHER) and I will happily add them to the list! Le'ts hope we can see this thread last for months or even until Halo 6 comes out!

You want to see yours shown off to the community? Got a combo you're not using but still love? Then you need to do a few simple things!
Simply post a screenshot of your Halo 5 Spartan in-game (menu is okay but please don't grab it from Waypoint or off a damn phone) as well as the helmet and armor used and as long as I don't have the combo already, you're good to go for the list. IF your armor has already been shown on the list, I'll simply use the image that looks better, sorry other person/people.
The images have some requirements though, it simply must show off the following:
  1. Helmet
  2. Both shoulders
  3. Chest
Basically, the front view of the Spartan. Images that are focused on the shoulders or taken from the side tend to hide the chest, leading to an incomplete view of the showcase. It doesn't have to show off the legs, but it is encouraged. Also, try to avoid large weapons like the sniper or SPNKR, unless a stance like Looking Skyward is used. If you can find a way to make them work and show off the armor, that's wonderful! But large weapons do the same thing the shoulders can do and hide parts of the armor. The reason I want it alone and not in a group is because it focuses on the single armor then.

Finally, after my long hours of searching the Halo communities for various armor combinations, I present to you: the entire point of the thread you really didn't have to read any of this.

The helmets will always be posted first in the pair, so don't ask which is the helmet and which is the body armor if you don't know what it is. Now, because they're new and everyone is hyped, let's start off with some combos for the classic helmets, yeah?

  1. Recon GEN-I + Nightfall
  2. Pilot + Noble Valor
  3. Operator + Tracker
  4. Mk V Delta + Centurion
  5. Military Police + Nomad
  6. CQB + Soldier
  7. Operator + Vigilant
  8. EOD + Intruder
  9. EOD + Ranger
  10. EVA GEN-I + Marauder
  11. EVA GEN-I + Vigilant
  12. Military Police + Nightfall
  13. Recon GEN-I + Hellcat
  14. Mk V Delta + Vigilant
  15. EOD + Security
  16. Recon GEN-I + Hunter
  17. Operator + Hermes
  18. CQB + Hunter
  19. Security GEN-I - Cypher
  20. Mk V Delta + Noble
  21. Recon GEN-I + Jumpmaster
  22. Mk V Delta + Intruder
  23. EOD + Indomitable
  24. CQB + Mk VI Regent
  25. EOD+Commando Matrix
  26. Operator GEN-1 + Argus Arestor
  27. Recon GEN-1 + Mako Chthonic
  28. CQB + Marauder
Battle Rifle's Imgur Album Collection of Armor Combination's:
  1. Achilles + Wrath
  2. Security Watchdog + Vigilant
  3. Fotus Chillrose + Challenger
  4. Hellcat Onslaught + Indomitable
  5. Mk VI + Nightfall
  6. Void Dancer + Venator Cestus
  7. Wetwork Cleaner + Shinobi Heartless
  8. Helljumper + Noble Valor
  9. Locus Edge + Stalker Arrow
  10. Indomitable + Marauder Keres
  11. Stinger + Decimator
  12. Noble + Reaper
  13. Copperhead + Helioskrill
  14. Cinder + Hellcat
  15. Warrior + Indomitable
  16. Scout Outrider + War Master Scipio
  17. Maverick + Marauder
  18. Enfocer + Mk V Alpha
  19. Dynast Lilioc + Intruder
  20. Vigilant + Noble
The Main List (Crafted by YOU!):
  1. Recon GEN-II + Recruit Charred
  2. Argonaut + Rogue
  3. Security + Mk IV
  4. Buccaneer + Protector
  5. Security + Venture
  6. Centurion + Indomitable
  7. Centurion + Intruder Trespasser
  8. Centurion + Vigilant Watcher
  9. Warrior Blade + Security Watchdog
  10. Enforcer + Stalker
  11. Raijin Stormstrike + Hellcat
  12. Venator + Indomitable
  13. Rogue + Venator Cestus
  14. Recruit Marked + Tracer Jackpot
  15. Intruder + Air Assault DSRPT
  16. Anubis + Recluse Seri
  17. Argus + Mk VI GEN-1 Scarred
  18. Deadeye + Helioskrill
  19. Gungnir Dvalin + Centurion Ironside
  20. Hellcat Onslaught + Raider
  21. Helljumper + Technician
  22. Mk VI GEN-1 Scarred + Wrath
  23. Venator Thraex + Shinobi Heartless
  24. Achilies + Shinobi Heartless
  25. Mark VI + Recruit Charred
  26. Viper Strike + Copperhead Fangs
  27. Rogue + Venator Cestus
The pics linked in #1 and #2 are wrong. #14 and #18 are same pic/combo.

EDIT: Was just letting you know in case you didn't.
The pics linked in #1 and #2 are wrong.
Like I said, ran into a ton of issues.
Yep lot of combos.

But when most have forced colors, shaders, and white paint....

Do we really?
Venator + Indomitable
Edit: will add link later
Edit2: Venator + Indomitable
2nd favorite
Yep lot of combos.

But when most have forced colors, shaders, and white paint..
I mean, you can mess with the colors to suit you more. White paint sucks I agree but there's nothing we can do about that for most armor sadly.
i think im going with recon1 and hellcat. looks great
The armor system could be much simpler if there were not so many "set designs," any color or symbols should be an option after an armor is chosen, not the armor itself.
A personal favourite of mine: Venator Cestus armour w/ the Rogue helmet. Looks really nice in white and gold (how I usually have it), but works really well with lots of different colour combinations.
I think I'll use Achilles with Achilles.

I use Mark V delta with Intruder, for a classic Reach Mark V look.
Not a lot of people use this one, but and oldie and goodie of mine was Recruit Marked helmet and Tracer Jackpoint armor. It just looks cool in my opinion.
Mark VI Gen I for armor and helmet. Chief all the way!
Recon Gen-1 with Jumpmaster on my fem Spartan


Intruder + Air Assault DSRPT.

Pic 1.

Pic 2.
I'll start on this thread with some of my classic looks from year 1 with Halo 5.

Security + Security
Security + Venator
Locus Edge + Mark VI SATRAP

(My GT used to be Delta Wolf 4)
Mark VI... keeping it classic.
Classic Chief but I hope this works. I don't know I was messing with the colors but here
Classic Chief but I hope this works. I don't know I was messing with the colors but here
Luck of Legend's armour
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