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OP o Vylex o

One thing that i havent really seen in these forums is a lack of forge lovers, i was wondering what people are expecting from the new forge we will get are hands on and if people are going to stick with forge or if its "loosing its touch" for me personally i would love to see custom created maps in a dedicated playlist in H5 which will be updated every once in a while back on to the topic what are your thoughts on forge right now? do you think its going to be better or worse then the previous forge we have had? what are you expectations?
This topic has been touched on previously and what people seem to "crave" the most is the ability to place NPC's.
Nothing will ever get better than Halo Reach forge
I hope 343i add magnets on objects like in Halo 2 Anniversary forge.
Nothing will ever get better than Halo Reach forge
Halo: Reach's forge was amazing and you might be right, but what 343 did with Halo 2 Anniversary's forge is leading me to believe that Halo 5's forge may in fact be the best one yet.
I'm wishing for one of the Forge worlds to have a built in Blood Gulch. It's been too long. =(
What they need to do for Halo 5 Forge (aka my personal wishlist):
  1. Keep everything they had in Halo Reach, including Forge World.
  2. Keep everything they ADDED in Halo 4 (magnets, cloning, shadows, etc.)
  3. Add back in everything they cut from Reach's Forge when they did Halo 4's Forge (zooming, slowed movement, fun items, a couple other features I forgot, etc.).
  4. Add in skin variations so that people can alter the skin of the architecture pieces to match UNSC, Forerunner, or Covenant. That way we can mix and match styles.
  5. Make it so that "normal" (as opposed to fixed or phased) actually leaves the item subject to being moved after it is set. If I want to set it to fixed but make it look like it settled there rather than have parts abnormally float, I'll just set it to -Yoinking!- normal and then once it's settled set it to fixed.
  6. Add in more stuff. More architecture, more fun pieces, more scenery.
  7. Increase item budget and number of each type of item permitted (we're on next gen, after all).
  8. Add in more Forge World style maps.
  9. Return all the game types of Halo Reach and prior games (why the hell did you cut assault? I loved that gametype. Much more fun to run a suicide mission than try to protect some guy as he hobbles back to our base).
  10. Make sure we can customize our maps to support variations for each gametype.
  11. Return mancannon physics to that of Halo 3, where lining them up could substantially increase an item/player's speed as they run/are pushed along the channel of mancannons, giving me the power to line them up along parallel ramps in an alternating pattern of one on the top and one on the bottom spaced so that an item when pushed into it is propelled forward at the exact angle of the two parallel ramps at a constantly accelerating speed with each cannon, turning the player/item into a human/object missile that flies across the map so that the lazy orange player splatters a wall at breakneck speeds punching a Grif sized hole in the wall or painting the wall a disgusting color, or where the item is flung across the map splatters the unsuspecting orange dirtbag. Or as I like to call it, the Grif Cannon.
  12. Other, vague, undefined, but nonetheless awesome ideas.
I really want some bigger maps, a remake of forge world from Reach would be awesome!