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[Locked] Halo 5 Hot Fix - March 7, 2018

OP ske7ch

UPDATE: This update is now live in Halo 5 and available for download and the Local Server app has been updated in the Windows store.

The patch for Halo 5: Forge (Windows 10 PC) is taking longer than anticipated and is currently expected to be released sometime later tomorrow afternoon (3/8).

Halo 5: Guardians Patch Notes - 3/7/18

  • Fixed an issue with the Halo 5 Local Server app that would sometimes result in the application crashing (NOTE: In addition to the Halo 5: Guardians game patch, you will also need to download a new version of the Local Server app from the Windows Store once available)
  • Addressed spawning in the Oddball game mode based on community feedback
- Added a negative spawn influencer to the Oddball object, which acts to greatly reduce the chances of players spawning near the Oddball
  • Added 3-second cool down timer when dismissing the pause menu before it can be re-opened in order to prevent an exploit
  • Based on community feedback, the following weapons have received tuning adjustments:
Battle Rifle
  • Goal: Address feedback from players who experience discomfort when using some BR variants. The recoil that was introduced to the BR is a bit too much when using scope attachments.
  • Tuning changes: Reduced recoil on the Longshot, Sentinel, and COG scope attachments.
  • Takeaway: These changes will help ensure that these attachments are competitively viable while reducing the physical discomfort issues players have been reporting since the last update.
  • Goal: Address player feedback that the weapon still feels a bit too inconsistent, particularly at longer ranges.
  • Tuning changes: Greatly decreased spread in hip fire, slightly decreased red reticle range in hip fire, greatly decreased spread while zoomed, slight increase to red reticle range in zoom.
  • Takeaway: Decreasing the spread will reduce player frustration around a feeling of inconsistency while the reduction of RRR keeps the Carbine within its desired effective range. This update should provide more depth to the weapon, increasing consistency while also keeping viable range intact.
  • Goal: Address feedback that the DMR isn’t adequately filling its intended role following the last round of tuning changes. The role of the DMR is intended to shine in long-range combat while being less effective at mid-range and then even less so at close-range.
  • Tuning changes: Increase red reticle range in hip fire, increase 'stickiness' of weapon at closer ranges, slight increase to base damage (still 5 shots to kill a fully shielded opponent, and still a 2-shot melee)
  • Takeaway: The RRR increase will further distance the DMR from the Magnum in range effectiveness and bring it closer to compete against Sniper/Beam Rifles. The change in 'stickiness' will make the DMR a little more viable in closer ranges by making it feel a little tighter while the damage increase will better clean up opponents who have taken damage already.
Storm Rifle
  • Goal: Address feedback that the Storm Rifle has now shifted more out of balance in relation to the rest of the sandbox.
  • Tuning changes: Decreased effectiveness of aim assist, increased length of time the weapon is overheated, increased the amount of battery consumed with each shot
  • Takeaway: The Storm Rifle's ability to burst large amounts of damage onto multiple opponents is being weakened due to chewing through the battery faster. Additionally, the increase to overheat time will require a longer period of time before it's able to be fired again. The aim assist changes will require more accuracy on the part of the player and all of these changes will make players have to manage the weapon more in order to maximize its potential.
Brute Plasma Rifle
  • Goal: Address current feedback that it’s a bit too effective at stripping shields and overlaps a bit too much in with the Storm Rifle in its intended role.
  • Tuning changes: Decreased base damage, slight decrease of spread in hip fire.
  • Takeaway: The Brute Plasma Rifle's strength is its mid-range ability to strip opponent's shields. The damage reduction and spread decrease should make close quarters combat feel more fair when fighting against the Brute Plasma Rifle as the wielder has to land more shots to defeat you.