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[Locked] Halo 5 Hotfix - Dec. 13

OP ske7ch

A Hotfix is releasing for Halo 5 this afternoon to address a few issues and improve the overall game experience. The current plan is for the patch to go live at approximately 2PM PT. Once the patch is live and the team has verified everything, we'll light up our channels and officially spread the word.

Please note that the Halo 5 Local Server app will also require an update to maintain compatibility with the latest version of Halo 5. We anticipate the Local Server app update should be live later this afternoon depending how long it takes to propagate across the Microsoft Store.

Here's a preview of what's coming in this afternoon's patch:

Halo 5 Hotfix Patch Notes – Dec. 13
  • Made a fix to improve performance (frame rate) on maps created in Forge
  • Fixed some instances where players could occasionally get stuck upon completing a match
  • Made further improvements to the back scoreboard and Pause Menu “hitches”
  • Fixed a variety of issues with 4k assets throughout the title
  • Fixed instances of graphical corruption at the bottom of the screen in some maps
  • Battle Rifle tuning adjustments:
In response to player feedback around “inconsistency / randomness” and the BR feeling “clunky”, further tuning tweaks have been made: - Bullet spread has been removed - Zoom/target acquisition speed increased - Moved the weapon model slightly closer to the player when zoomed to provide a clearer view - Increased vertical recoil - Rate of fire slightly increased - Damage slightly increased

Updates for Halo 5: Forge (Windows 10)
Note: The patch for Halo 5: Forge is expected to be available later this evening
  • Fixed descriptions in the Custom Game UI
  • Battle Rifle tuning adjustments (same as Halo 5 console
Battle Rifle Insights
Of all the weapons that were tested and tuned for Halo 5, none have been more controversial than the Battle Rifle. If you recall, the goals behind the BR changes stemmed from a desire to better distinguish the BR as a mid-range weapon and raise the skill ceiling slightly. Following the public tuning test, the team went back again to address feelings of inconsistency and sentiment that it wasn’t “fun” to use, which was reflected in the version that shipped on Nov. 2. You can read all about the evolution and changes to the BR in our original weapon tuning blog HERE.

While bullet grouping tightness was improved between the public test and the final version last month, the feedback has continued to be very clear and consistent – most Halo 5 players don’t want the feeling of randomness or inconsistency with their BR. To that end, the Sandbox team has completely removed the “spread” in the BR with today’s update. However, there’s still a desire to help address issues of the BR over-performing outside of its intended range (beyond the changes that have already been made to red-reticule-range, burst fire speed, etc.), so an adjustment has been made to the vertical recoil of the weapon. Since this is still a different feel and mechanic from the original Halo 5 default BR, we expect it will still cause some ruckus amongst some players. These changes will give the BR a bit of a different feel, but the recoil itself is consistent and predictable, and can be learned and accounted for – whereas the inconsistency of previous spread tuning could not. Give it shot, try to keep a somewhat open mind, and let us know what you think!

Lastly, the minor damage increase noted above is one of the levers the team is using to address feedback that the BR feels inconsistent. This change won’t alter the BR’s shots-to-kill values, but in practice the change will bolster the weapon’s finishing or clean-up capabilities on weakened opponents.