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Halo 5 Is Killing the Series, Halo 6 Save It

OP MasterAndChief

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Th3Giorgio wrote:
I think 343 is justified in some things in the campaign. The story is justified because theyre trying to redirect the story. Many people are angry because forge didnt was at launch, but we have it now and it is improving in all updates. Halo 5 doesnt have too much lag and i appreciate it a lot (that is one of the reasons split screen was removed). Theres still some things like the split screen, elites in MP that i want back. I think the reason 343 didnt added elites in MP is because the new spartan abilities (spartan abilities and armor abilities are not the same). Theres not justification for the map rotation that is horrible. But Halo 5 is a good game. Imagine if you were a designer and you took many time of work and dedication and nobody appreciates your game.
Single-player story could be justified if it was a good story. I don't mind not playing as MasterChief if Locke or anyone on Team Osiris were interesting. They are not, with the exception of Buck. Even Blue Team did not get properly introduced or fleshed out. EU lore should enrich the experience for players wanting to go deeper into the story, it should not be required for the players to have read every book and comic released by 343 to understand the game's story. I read 72 hours after but it was handled so poorly and Brain Reed killed off Spartan Black Team for no real reason. Maybe I could forgive the story if the game was long enough, it's roughly 4 hours and 30 minutes on normal. Maybe if the level design was fantastic with very wide open spaces to offer lots of replayability. It does not, biggest battles only have a handful of banshees or two-three wraiths. Remember The Ark of The Covenant (done on the 360 by the way)? I remember Bonnie Ross during one of the E3's promise on stage that this would be the halo game to offer the biggest landscapes and battles in a Halo game yet and feature the size and scope that we have always wanted in Halo. That could still happen in Halo 6 but Halo 5 is the smallest game yet. A lot of people buy Halo for MP and SP. They seems to have forgotten about the SP players and instead only focused on the Competitive MP side this time. That's a massive stride in the wrong direction. It is obvious by the artwork book that Halo 5 was a very different game at one point. Being a more lone wolf Master Chief story with his cloak as well much larger battles that relied entirely on cloud computing. Not sure why the change of direction but I think it was the wrong decision.

Thanks for your post :)
GodOMigees wrote:
Allow me to preface by saying "IMO" in big letters before we even get started.

-Very LINEAR mission design
Name a Halo that didn't have a very linear and repetitive campaign. Heck, name any game that doesn't have a linear and repetitive campaign.
-NO epic scale battles
Like which particular epic-scale battle from which older Halo?
-Where Are the SCARABS??
If they'd put one in then you'd be here complaining about "been there, done that." Oh, and 'Kraken' anybody?
-Even Vehicle missions are just larger hallways
Nothing new here. This is the nature of the animal, unless I've completely forgotten every detail of every campaign that I played for years on end until the next Halo dropped.
-Prometheans still not fun to fight (Soldiers are very annoying)
What does this mean? That they're too hard to kill? Too easy to kill? Have no personality? What?
-ZERO characterization
The only worthwhile characterization to ever occur in the course of this franchise happened outside the main-line games. This is the same as it ever was.
-Killing off Jul M'Dama for no reason
Don't care, but sorry if you do.
-Terrible story, too few blue team missions
I genuinely feel like there's a tipping point with issues like this where a few people say it and then everyone else just falls in line.
-Halsey wanting revenge to not caring anymore
Could it be that she only said she was after revenge as a way of... oh, I don't know... giving the enemy a pretext for keeping her alive???
-Focused too much on coop yet NO SPLIT SCREEN?!?!
Again, sorry for your loss. But xbone does 1080/60 or split screen, but not both at once. Why is this so hard for people to understand?
-Content Held Back
When you're in charge of 343 you can shoot all at once and see what that does for the longevity of the game. In the mean time I for one respect their decision. I don't like it, but I respect it.
-Too much focus on 60fps, graphics are good but not great, same with textures
Yes, we know you would have preferred split screen. Again, sorry.
-Too Short of a campaign
Too short for what? Are you saying that you don't feel like this game was worth the money it cost?
-Not enough Playlist at launch
-No Elites in MP
To the end of my days I will not understand why people care about this, but I acknowledge and respect that they do.
-Map rotation is horribly broken ( Have played Raid on Apex 7 12 times in a row on warzone)
Like I never had to play a map twelve times in a row when we voted for maps? The vote is worthless unless your goal is to waste more of a player's time.
-No armor unlocks for progression and skull collecting
-No Campaign Theater and no Forge at Launch
Campagin theater mode, okay. No forge at launch? Really? Well, okay too, if that's how you feel?
-Too much focus on esports community rather then the general audience which are casual playersI'm not apologizing for this, but I don't think you have to examine Halo 4's chequered past very closely to see why they wanted this title to have a solid competitive foundation. As the least competitive gamer ever, I agree that this game is way too sweaty overall, but there are a few outstanding exceptions to that rule, and there are more to come.

I'm not trying to crap all over your constructive criticism, but a lot of it seemed to me to be the "criticism" without the "constructive." Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don't think it serves the critic or the subject if no one offers any push back.

Best of luck.
4. Yeah I don't think people are going to forgive 343 for bad game launches after mcc and halo 5. I don't think they need to either until they prove otherwise. Staying actively angry about it certainly isn't healthy but pushing it under the rug is only going to allow it to continue. A reminder every once in a while hopefully pushes them in the right direction.

Even mentioning MCC is like waving a red flag in front of me. Can't remember the last time anything disappointed me that much. And yet there was nothing about the Halo 5 launch that had me apprehensive or left me disappointed, not even the lack of forge. And that's saying something. I live for forge.

I don't know why I'm always a hundred and eighty degrees out from everyone else on this game, but I love Brian Reed, I didn't flip out over all the "missing content," I didn't fall in love with Spartan Locke, but I also wasn't upset by the lack of Blue Team missions, and I don't think Cortana's a bad guy. I should probably be seeing a whole team of psychiatrists, but my preferred therapy is Halo. It's soooo much cheaper.

Thanks for putting up with my contrarian ways,

See you on the battlefield!
Have you ever considered that playing Halo 5 is the thing you need a whole team of psychiatrists for? You just said that you live for Forge and yet nothing bothered you when it was missing. You have somehow joined the dark side and that's why you are blind and don't see Cortana as a bad guy. All the other stuff you said is a respectable opinion, but... You are very conflicted. Much scary. Seek help. Much, much scary.
Thanks for the intervention!

I wasn't bothered by the missing forge because I knew that it would be found. And I new that it would be worth the wait. Faith is a powerful thing, and mine was vindicated on a scale I still marvel at. And you're right about Cortana - I have gone over to the dark side. If somebody put me in her shoes and said, "here's the power to stop all armed conflict in the universe, you may have to kill a few million to make an example out of them, but you will save billions in the long run...." How does anyone with a sense of responsibility not rise to that occasion? What does that have to do with ego or with a desire to wield absolute power? We're not always given the opportunity in life to do the right thing. Sometimes we have to settle for doing the best thing. And personally I think the story is a million times more effective exactly because conflict between good and evil is all well and... good, but conflict between good and a different good - now that's the stuff of serious story-telling. I loved this campaign. I'm genuinely confounded that so many other people didn't. Go figure.
I might join the dark side too. Consider me convinced.
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