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Halo 5 Needs A New Atmosphere

OP AssassinXI878D

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I remember being able to leave Halo on in the background as i go get snacks and take breaks but now after a few moments it's the most annoying thing hearing that damn music. I literally have to turn off the volume because it's so obnoxious lol.
I think the main menu music is fine, I love the monk chant, but a new main menu would be cool, I hope in halo 6 the main menu music is the never forget theme like halo 3
Honestly, how do these "issues" affect the quality of the game itself? They don't...

There are like two outstanding issues that disrupt the playability of the game and they pertain to the servers and the ranking system and how it matches players... I have rarely run into a game-breaking bug, in-game, that disrupted gameplay or that took away from the overall experience, if at all.

More senseless complaints, the way I see it...
kobiquil wrote:
Of all the things I think could use some fixing in this game, the menu doesn't even ping on radar...
Probably because the radar is so small, if it was bigger the menu might.
I lol'd.

Considering all the things I think could use some fixing, a radar that size would get pinged by things happening in TMCC.
I think I did not listen the same menu song as you. Halo Canticles is AMAZING!
xX RPD Xx wrote:
Why would they "fix the menu"?

I mean, i completly agree with you about the bugs and stuff, but seriously, the menu?

I think this community is just looking for new excuses to complain about. The menu with the Infinity is ok, yes, it has nothing to do with the subtitle "Guardians", but that doesn't affect the game or the gamaplay, thus, it needs no fix at all.
We have been complaining about this stuff since day one, nerd. The UI is, pretty bad lol if you haven't noticed yet.
Even if you think the UI/main menu is bad now, you should of seen it day one.

And yes, seriously the menu. 343 have messed up so much stuff it has gotten to this. How do you screw a menu up? Seriously. Even your own planned game had a completely different outcome.
One thing mate is the menu, and another thing completly different is the UI. Even until now, the UI has some problems that need to be fixed, and i agree with you here,

But the the menu, like I said, i something that doesn't need a fix, because it doest affect the quality or performance of the game. How does a background of the Infinity with semi-classic Halo music and with all the options you need to navigate affect the game negatively?

P.S: I've been playing the game since day 1.
Bring back the good old game modes like KOTH, Assault and even headhunter! That will help create a nice Halo atmosphere. (There's probably more that I haven't mentioned)
P.S I was playing Halo Reach music while playing Halo 5 /end of rant
Hahahaha you rock men! Halo: Reach men.. was perfect
Having the guardian in the title screen would be amazing and with a good background soundtrack for the title screen.
I think I did not listen the same menu song as you. Halo Canticles is AMAZING!
Yeah Im not getting this complaint at all. Canticles could have been part of the legendary CE soundtrack.
It's not gonna happen, people have been asking since it came out.
I agree, Halo 5 needs to look its own beta. Halo 5's beta was so much better.
Also fix MCC
Game is good nothing more nothing less
Let's forget about the disaster that was halo 5, and move on to what we can do in halo 6 to make up for it.

P.S, on the game case there is a crumbled city that we never see. False marketing ON THE GAME CASE
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