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Some of you are suggesting things that have a very low chance of getting fixed in the fall update. I can't see them doing things like adjusting Spartan charge or adding more customization in a little update that was originally intended to only add 4K, and had some weapon tuning tacked on as an afterthought. Just throwing this out there for everyone who might want to keep it short and simple, so there's at least some possibility of 343 considering it, as this topic was originally started "in the hopes that an issue or two may be resolved with this update".

I'll say it again: making req stations refill power weapon ammo in WZFF would be a very welcome, quick fix. And it would probably be easy and simple to make Phantom gunners killable, too 🙏
What's a pet peeve?
Basically it means something that annoys you. Have you ever heard the term "pet cause"? It's like that. The word pet, used in these expressions, indicates that it's something of your own. And "peeve" is a word that means annoy, sort of.
-Literally everyone who uses a wasp
I'm sorry.
I accept your apology...mostly because I just got my High Five cert
Being shotgunned in the face by your own teammate in breakout for taking a weapon.
I'll say it again: making req stations refill power weapon ammo in WZFF would be a very welcome, quick fix.
This simple fix would make WZFF so much better. I really hope 343 figures this one out before Halo 6.

Remember, this would be for WZFF only people. This will not ruin the balance of regular WZ in any way. It would help close the gap on the balance of WZFF, as vehicles would still be the most powerful by a decent margin.

Weapon Range
The average range of all weapons in the Halo sandbox has generally increased. This is symptomatic of the inclusion of sprint, but it doesn't have to be like this. I honestly hate games where I have to always be ready to battle someone who is only a handful of pixels wide. Halo used to be all about the close and medium range engagements, with only a few taking place over extreme ranges, and I feel that this change has really affected the general feel of the gunplay.

Grenade damage in Halo 5 is nuts. Last time I checked, I think a frag grenade still drops shields at 70% damage. That's actually insane if you ask me. I'd like to see a lethality range nerf, or even just reducing the default spawn number to one.

Spartan Charge
This doesn't need an explanation, and it's also one of the primary reasons one of my firends stopped playing Halo (he gets angry easily).
Lack of split screen is the #1 pet peeve for me

#2 would be that the map design (as a result of clamber in particular) makes me feel like a 3 foot tall spartan. Seriously. The vertical scale of the maps is way too overexaggerated and it makes me feel like we're playing as child spartans.
That we no longer have an indication in the kill feed who is on a Killing Spree. I really miss that.
That we can no longer see who is who in the lobby and look at each others armor and stats in the beginning of the game, and that I can't see who has the annoying mic until the match begins. I don't care if there is a Mute All option. That glitches sometimes, and then you still have to listen to them through the whole game.
As a mainly WZ player myself, I'd like to see a more sophisticated matchmaking system and a more transparent CSR in Warzone. I'd like it if teams were built using this and have it based upon their skill level and REQ library. Because no matter how skilled you are, it's hard for a someone be competitive if you don't have the higher tier REQs or loadout weapons.
-teammates who don't have the word "vehicle" in their vocabulary in btb
-req lag
-not being able to hit that last god forsaken headshot.
  • I'd like abilities to play a much smaller role in Halo's multiplayer. I haven't touched Halo 5 in months because it just isn't the Halo myself and many others are used to. More than half of the time I die is because players overuse abilities and make the game much too frustrating. The old Halos were the fairest and skillful PVP games ever, by having a Classic Slayer/other modes where abilities are removed entirely would appease a large portion of the veteran community. I realize it may be too late for 343 to add in a new gametype, but it would be great if they did.
  • I'd also appreciate it if 343 realized that trying to replace BTB with Warzone did not work. They should offer actual BTB maps and support, while also getting rid of P2W mechanics in Warzone VIA microtransactions (in Halo 6.)
  • A better armor filtration system that's much more organized and simplistic would be fantastic (not that much of the armor is worth considering wearing anyways.)
I'd really like to be able to boot people in the middle of a custom game. Right now I have to end the match and make the cat walk the plank or wait till the match is over and if he or she is doing something bad enough for me to boot them I shouldn't have to wait.
walk the plank
Just one day late for Talk Like a Pirate Day
walk the plank
Just one day late for Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • The lack of armour customisation
  • Teammates who leave mid-game
  • Enemies who teabag
  • Teammates who teabag
  • Teabagging
  • Having your tank stolen despite having deliberately parked it in some very obscure part of the map and being literally a foot away from it to choose the Wheelman perk that you forgot from the REQ station
  • Having your uncharacteristically polite messages ignored that you sent to the vehicle thief
  • Realising that said vehicle thief is driving your tank straight off a cliff for the sole purpose of denying you your hard-earned REQ
  • Joining a match that has already ended and seeing only the enemy team on the winner's screen before going back to the loading screens again
  • Seeing that people who gripe and moan about the game being "Too much like COD", having "sprint, ground pound, spartan charge" etc and making several posts about these features are still playing the game, even though some of them profess to hate it.
  • "The old Halos were better, screw 343i, Bungie all the way."
  • That little black attachment on the top of the Recon Gen 1 helmet. What are you for? What purpose do you serve? Why am I bound to see you protruding, looming over my helmet like some sort of precipitous rock, teetering on the edge of it for all eternity? Why?
  • The lack of Nathan Fillion. I know they added more of him to the Voices of War packs, but it's still not enough, damnit!
With the upcoming Fall update and 4K support coming to Halo 5, rumored to be releasing in November, I feel like now would be a good time to have an open discussion over what has annoyed us Halo players the most since Halo 5's release in the hopes that an issue or two may be resolved with this update. Feel free to comment what you feel, as a player, (No spamming 343 hate), could be changed about the game's core mechanics. For example: we can't stop people from camping, but we can make it a less effective strategy through a tweak here and there. Another note: please make your criticism constructive. By which, I mean that you should provide solutions to the problems that you mention. No one is going to take you very seriously if you just say: "I hate the new DMR."

Here's my personal example: I would like to have the option to disable Ground Pound in the settings menu because it makes getting ninja assassinations much more difficult than they should be. Nothing gets me saltier than being a hovering punching bag for a guy with an Overshield.

What's your biggest Halo 5: Guardians Pet-Peeve?
I believe you can disable ground pound
I forget though haven't played h5 in a while
Spartan charge is way too easy to get kills with
My pet peeve is not being able to vote from an option of what games I want. It gets frustrating when i am trying to get my mongoose destroys in action sack and i am continuously stuck playing my least favorite game types over and over.
Crouch Spammers
Spartan Chargers
Thruster spammers
Trash Talkers
Weapon Betrayers
lack of maps/Gamemodes in certain playlists

Quitters (Aka the Cowardly Grunts)
What are my pet peeves in Halo 5?
  • Lack of dev-made BTB maps
  • Campaign
  • No splitscreen
  • Lag...
  • The spawns in some maps
  • ADS
  • Spartan Charge
  • Horrible team balancing
  • Microtansactions
  • Halo 5's armour customisation
  • Halo 4/5's artstyle (mix it up like HW2 please :)
  • Something "small" :
Don’t take this the wrong way because I enjoy Halo 5 a lot still. But so,etching that drives me insane is how all the sounds from sprinting to swapping weapons to walking and the sound your body makes when it slumps to the floor drives me crazy. It sounds like everything is made of plastic. Halo 4 did it right with sound so I don’t know what caused this change. I also don’t like how the multiplayer is now cannon. This is just my opinion but a pet peeve of mine is when I discuss multiplayer with people and throw out ideas only to be shut down with “But you can’t because it wouldn’t be cannon” just feel like it is holding Halo back more.
Matchmaking system is kind of a joke, if you do REALLY good one match, then even if you put it on Focused it will put you against some people that seem god-like against you and you'll get crushed. That is the biggest pet-peeve for me! Second would be that, I don't play warzone anymore, it's stale and boring, REQ Packs that contain mostly Warzone stuff I just trash it for RP, I wish they would add a "Sell all" option so I can do it faster instead of each item.
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