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Halo 5 servers are down?

OP Shadow vortex52

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Are the servers down? I cant log into the lobby for arena or warzone
Same here in the UK
Same here Charlotte North Carolina
Not down here in US but running terribly.
Down in good all USA now
Yes. Can't join with friends, can't join games consistanly. Very frustrated.
I can play... But man it is broken. :/ Recording a bunch of video of it as well... Sucks
I can't play at all. Something about don't have the servers to support your fireteam but I don't have friends on xbox live. I play solo.
servers are donezo. i don't like how you can't even play custom games if servers are down... :(
Wonky as hell servers... the game was loading up and everyone said that the progress bar dipped backwards 100% lol, and some people are playing Warzone without the Req station. I've been in match where are single person couldn't call in Reqs, etc etc..
Difficult to join with a fireteam. Unable to join messages.
Just finished a match and it tried putting 14 players in a Break Out match on Arena Playlist... Keeps saying

There was a problem with the Dedicated Server
Please try agin.

Im sure I'm about to get banned again...


You guys just need to get Gold like everybody else \sarcasm.
Yeah I can't connect either. I live in california lol
Also having a problem, cant join servers with anyone in my fireteam
They have been bad the last couple days. Rrouble starting dedicated server, cant connect to server etc. Theyre up and down at the moment in NA.
Anyone tired another game?. check if its Xbl or just halo?

Edit just checked Xbl is running fine so no attack there it seems
Star Was Battlefront worked just fine for me but not Halo 5. It's just Halo servers I believe.. been down for hours here in so Cal.
Down in Naples, FL
Down in NY too
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