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This will be a long post and so would also like to say that I do appreciate 343i and what they did with Halo4, MCC, and the films. This is just my take on how Halo 5 could have further incorporated Hunt The Truth.

What Halo 5's story should have been if Cortana was coming back regardless with the team mechanics;
1.) To start, scrap the entire first level with Team Osiris as it doesn't really have anything to do with the main plot.
2.) Mission 1: Start the game playing as Chief in the Blue Team mission, establish Cortana is alive and Chief going rogue by the end of the level like normal, this way it's from the very begining of the game as we already had some context from Hunt The Truth, instead of waiting for the 2nd level.
3.) Second mission starts with a cutscene actually establishing Team Osiris getting the mission of Cortana and hunting Chief by being briefed on Cortana's rise, how she's been controlling Guardians, and destroying planets (as all of these factors were kinda brushed over), also switch the entire Meridian Station level with the Sanghelios level to get help from Arbiter and establish like they do normally that Cortana wants that Guardian and that Chief is headed there aready.
4.) After the cutscene, Mission 2: You're still playing as Chief as you're going to Sanghelios instead of Meridian Station. Get help from Arbiter, then discover the Guardian.
5.) Mission 3: Transition to Team Osiris, (This cutscene can be the one where Buck talks to Locke about if word gets out about hunting Chief they will be hated) You are now on Sanghelios on a different part of the map to seem different enough so it's not a retread of the previous level with Chief. You just miss Blue Team, maybe some dialogue happens between the 2 teams. Enlist the help of Arbiter to track where they went. This way it actually feels like the greatest hunt in gaming history.
6.) Mission 4: Instead of going right to the final planet, Cortana has Chief stop at another Guardian to activate it (like Hunt the Truth suggested, the Guardians were Chiefs fault, which Halo 5 seemed to ignore) This planet can be Meridian Station to display A.I are joining Cortana.
7.) Cut out all but one Warden Eternal boss fights, the moments he originally appears will just be warnings until you finally fight him for the last time in the game originally.
8.) Mission 5,6,7,8: Showing cutscenes with Infinity and Captain Lasky to get more lore. (Switching back and forth between Blue Team(5&7) and Team Osiris(6&8), with Osiris being one step behind on the same planets not being able to stop Chief or the Guardians pulse weapon) With the 2 added planets have Chief believing he's doing the right thing by activating the Guardians not knowing what happens to the planets or Cortana's plan until later like normal in the game when he realizes Cortana is corrupted.
9.) During Missions 6&8 as Team Osiris you fight Blue Team both times at the end part of the level as almost missed them moments, not just fighting in a meh cutscene. They are close calls but Blue Team escapes both times and the fight can carry into a good cutscene. (This way you feel like you're actually hunting Blue Team and not randomly going to a different planet they haven't gone to and so that you don't just meet them the once in a cutscene then become buddy buddy the very next time the teams meet. This way you've already encountered them multiple times and fought them twice).
10.) The final 2 missions can carry out as normal while Blue Team and Team Osiris are on the final planet.
I think jul'madama could've lived longer and acted as a brief boss fight on the first blue team level
I think jul'madama could've lived longer and acted as a brief boss fight on the first blue team level
Indeed! Then, he somehow escapes that fight, so we can fight him on Sanghelios with the Arbiter.
I just hope that Halo Infinite's story will be better.
Amen. Also hoping Infinite's story is the best so far from 343i. Halo 4 story was meh and Halo 5 you hardly played as chief.