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Halo 5 SWAT: problem with the Halo 5 BR

OP InfectedM1k3

So I've been playing swat and I can't help but be irritated with the way the H5 BR works and my biggest issue is the recoil it has. At this point it's not even a rifle do to the recoil it has. I know it's not much but it's still enough to change what the purpose of the weapon is suppose to do. It's in the name Rifle, it is the Battle rifle. Not the battle SMG. I think one of 3 things should happen with it.

1. Remove the H5 Battle Rifle from Swat
2. Put stabilizer jets on the H5 Battle Rifle
3. Remove the recoil it has or at least 60% of the recoil

And hear me out, I'm not hating. I just wish the BR would have stayed the way it was
i agree and I hate br swat, dmr and h5 mag are way better
This topic has been brought up over and over, but they’re unfortunately never going to adress the inconsistent and mathematically useless nature of the H5BR. I totally agree with you though. I hate the way the BR works now and is one of the main reasons I stopped playing Halo 5 frequently. Its problems are only exacerbated in Swat where there would be times I’d fire at an opponents belly and get a headshot or fire an entire clip straight at their head and get nothing.
I dont really mind it that much, yeah it's a little inconvenient but it's not that bad. At least they gave us the H2 BR in swat matches.
There is a problem with bullet magnetis of Battle Rifle
The reason I bring this up is because look at the halo 2 and 3 days, that across the map headshot and getting so good, you get it down everytine. That was suuuuuuuch a amazing feeling
Honestly the H5BR in general is just terrible. H2BR had power to it. It had punch to it. It was my go to mid-range weapon of choice. In arena now? You're dead if you try and use anything other than the magnum. Seriously.

I think a mixture of abilities and ads ruined half the weapons, but the br took one of the biggest hits. :/