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OP HeyGuysImPresto

The boring stuff: I'm currently in grad school, and this semester I have access to some great conjoint analysis platforms. Conjoint analysis is a marketing tool used to measure public preference for different attributes of a particular product. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to do create some surveys to measure the public's preferences for Halo 6. I've spent about 10 hours on this project so far, and am excited to share the results once it's over!

The exciting stuff: The surveys are designed to interpret what you (the Halo community) really want out of Halo 6, across multiple key areas of development. There's a survey on overall general development (e.g. Is the Campaign or Multiplayer experience more important to you?), one on the Campaign specifically (e.g. Is it more important to you to have a longer campaign, or a full "Master Chief" campaign?), and lastly one about gameplay features (e.g. Would you rather have more weapons/armor or playable elites?).

On average, each survey takes about 5 minutes to complete. There are 12 main questions on each that will present you with 3 simple scenarios and ask you choose your preferred option. The questions may take a little longer at first (~30 seconds per question at most) but as you start to recognize your own preferences, it'll speed up a lot (~10 seconds per question). It's fun to recognize how you end up making your choices, PLUS we should get some interesting results which I'll share on the forum once the surveys are closed, and which will hopefully be useful to 343.

So without further ado:

General Development Survey:
Campaign Survey:
Features Survey:

Surveys will close Saturday, April 22, 2017, at 11:59 PM. Feel free to share feedback and ask questions on this page.
Thanks again everyone!
PS: If you've seen the surveys before, it's not deja vu. I shared these surveys a couple days ago in the Polls section of the forums and started to get responses, but I originally meant to share it here (in the Halo 5 section), so I'm reposting.

Also, I'm not a high enough rank to share hyperlinks yet, so if someone could help me out with that, that would be great.

Finally, here are some alternate links, in case your work/school network blocks "" links:
General Development Survey:
Campaign Survey:
Features Survey:

Feel free to comment once you've taken the survey to tell me that you took it, and when they surveys close I'll select a respondent at random and gift them a Gold Pack. If I get over 100 responses I'll select two respondents to get Gold Packs. But no more. I'm too poor to pick more than two winners.