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Halo is doomed and it is all your fault...

OP Roams Alone

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Rugged1269 wrote:
The OP sounds like a paranoid and delusional individual. REQs are optional and nothing more. It does nothing to ruin the game.
Purchasing packs for warzone items isn't game breaking?
No, its not technically as the REQ energy bar keeps players from whipping them out until they have earned them, it moves slowly from team kills, but unless you contribute, your bar will take longer to get to the desired REQ level.
I am well aware of the typical excuses, thing is this will kill Halo. Personally I don't want that, do you?
first off, stop with the "you're killing Halo" manner of speaking, it does not legitimize your post. second off, this is a valid reason, unless you can buy packs, get a powerful REQ, then whip it out right when the game starts, its not game breaking, there is a clear working Leveling system that works and keeps everyone on a near leveled playing field.
This guy has the right idea
With halo 5 I really don't have the incentive to level up anymore. I liked it when xp and rp were one in the same in the form of credits. Plus I always liked look at the high leveled player's armor, which influenced me to level up and get that gear some day. Now its just all random, a lvl 5 can have the same rare amour as a lvl 100.
Irobot500 wrote:
Irobot500 wrote:
OP is exactly right. At least a few people out there can see reason. But this thread will be filled with scum saying "it's my (mom's) money, I'll ruin future Halo games if I want to!"
A bit one-sided and filled with assumption, don't you think? Because you and OP agree, does that mean that the rest of us don't see reason? Also, you're assuming that all us "scum" are kids who are ruining halo games. You need to get off your high horse. I don't care if you were here since ce, that doesn't make you any better than the rest of us.
This is gonna sound bold but yea, I do think people who don't buy REQs are "better" than people who do. The more succesful the REQ system is, the more content will be locked behind microtransactions in future halo games. Obviously I'm assuming, anything regarding the future is an assumsion. People who say the REQ system won't ruin future halos is assuming.
That sounded arrogant, not bold. When you say "better," do you mean better skill-wise or better as a human being. Either way that's a pretty stupid thing thing to say. No content is locked behind microtransactions so I don't see your point there. What I meant about your assumptions is that kids buy reqs and ruin halo. Do you see the assumption there? I would rather other people pay for the updates instead of me, so I'm all for the microtransactions. They are almost perfectly implemented.
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Jesus -Yoinking!- Christ....why?
Just blew another £65 on some golds, mad?
We get it, you don't like REQ packs. They have been a huge success, whether you like it or not. REQ packs have pulled in, to my knowledge, 2 million dollars, probably double that now. That money is going directly to supporting the competitive community, that has been put on the back burner since Halo Reach. Halo is on the rise. We should be celebrating, not bickering about unlocking cosmetics and vehicles for warzone.

REQ packs will never alter the competitive side of Halo.

Give me one example where a REQ pack is giving you an advantage in arena? Give me one example where you can use a REQ pack to earn "skill" in arena.

As for warzone, I have purchased zero REQ packs and can still hold my own. Perhaps those not in favor of REQ packs should reflect on their personal skill and adapt.

REQ packs aren't going anywhere.

Just my opinion.
Yep. same. well except I got 4 silvers with left over money I found on my account.
I hate micros-transactions. But Halo does it right, giving everyone the opportunity to still have access to the paid content weather it be in game currency or real money. Nothing in req packs really destroy the game. Besides paying like £3 for a slim chance of getting a one hit gun for one life is a bit daft if you ask me and if you pay for it and don't get it.

Its a problem when game developers make it so the only way to get it is by paying with real money. That's unfair and full of -Yoink-! Besides. The money they recive means free monthly updates! I'm happy with that? Other people want to pay for me DLC ... thats totally fine go ahead!

Look on the bright side dude! There are more important things to riot about!
it's your fault as well OP

What is wrong with you people? Why are you whining and crying over the ability to purchase REQ packs? I'm really tight for money these days and its hard to get a well paying job, because these days its all about who you are and how loud you can cry on social media rather than what skills you can bring to a company. I really benefit from being able to pay £1.99 every now and then to help fund the free add-ons, I couldn't afford the updates if it became paid DLC. it would split the player population, oh and the tournaments would not be able to happen as the whiny rich bungie fanboys wanted us all to pay like £14.99 a month for DLC. REQ packs are great and even better still, YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY THEM. I personally have nearly completed the REQ collection just from grinding warzone assault and throwing in a few £ every now and then. they don't break the game or divide player population and its down solely to the individual. if I bought £5000 woth of req packs right now it would not affect you in any way, and vice versa. stop whining, fix up look sharp and play the game or quit. stop spreading garbage on the forums please. only a true halo fan could see how we all benefit as a community through REQs
I personally detest any microtransactions that go to insane levels, such as $50 or even $100 variants (there's nothing "micro" about that), and making paying for items my first choice, when I could just as easily play a few rounds of Arena or Warzone for them. However, if I have a tiny scrap of money left in my account that I know I'm probably never gonna use, I'll buy a gold pack or two with it.

Oh wait, that's apparently irrelevant because microtransactions are the work of the devil, they're killing Halo, and I have become the incarnation of the antichrist for my heinous sins.

Except they're not when in the right hands, they're not doing anything of the sort (neither is ADS, or any other previous/current target of inane whining for that matter), and I'm not... for those... exact reasons.
Just ignore them, it's what I do.
halo did micro transactions the right way unlike other games because you can earn all that stuff in game by just playing.
Can you guess what will be next? Please re-read OP.
I worked an overtime shift at work this week so I have some extra cash laying around maybe I will treat myself to the $100 gold bundle :-)
You're saying you don't like them and that they're a cancer, but I don't see you giving any reasonable evidence as to why they're bad.
I don't think that the REQ packs break the game I don't buy any, I just use my BR and still do great. Yet again I almost never use my Weapon REQs and Occasionally use my vehicle REQs. I have like 43 Tanks, 23 Banshees, and A -Yoink- load of snipers and rockets. I don't use them because the BR and DMR are better hahaha.
Lol, this is pretty funny. Firstly, to clarify, I do not actually spend money on the game. The REQ system is, safe to say, not going to start releasing premium, paid content. Micro-transactions, when you can easily earn them normally, don't hurt anyone- they just provide a method for people to get things faster, if they want. Honestly, I can't really see a genuine issue here.
I agree. But they are successful...
OP this has already been said, like a hundred times already. Nothing is doomed, so shut up with the drama. It's ridiculous.
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