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Halo is doomed and it is all your fault...

OP Roams Alone

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LethalQ wrote:
Got my arena and war zone packs today since I bought both bundles at about the same time. It was awesome got some good stuff...... Sorry I am dooming halo by purchasing packs to help support the game and franchise :-)
You should be sorry, if ignorance is bliss some users here must be ecstatic. =}

I cannot ignore the downfall of Halo due to others ignorance and lack of foresight. Halo is already doomed with the mindset of some of its community.
I agree kindoff
Req packs are just too RNG on top of not needing to exist anyway.

You can save up and open a gold back, get nothing but a combonation of: Speed boosts, overshields, warthogs, mongeese, and boosts. Then someone else in my party opens one and gets all ultra rare and above stuff.

It's pretty much legal gambling for kids. A slot machine where you can either save up to play for free, or pay, pay, and pay. That gambling impulse with make most kids choose the later for instant gratification. And it's easy to see that in Warzone, a guy that's level 10 calling in multiple ghost ultras over the course of the round or worse. (and to the people saying he can't call stuff in constantly, it's only 4 req points, it's easy to bank those points and keep calling in ghosts over the course of the game.
omiinouss wrote:
I agree with OP I believe that the microtransactions will only make the game worse overtime. It's all a sick joke.
REQ packs were a very succesfully made idea. 343i isn't being greedy, they're adding the option of buying them if people have money to spend and the earnings aren't being kept. They're going to the competitive champs.
Well... there's your answer. Yup. I never bought a wreck pack, but now... how can I resist? /sarcasm.

Sorry, but the way I see it... the game shipped bare bones and the content just trickles out. I'm not a 'pro' and I'm not a super competitive player, I just [used to] enjoy playing it for fun. Therefore, the game was less than bare bones for me.

I have nothing against the pro players. The whole Championship idea is great... but on the other hand, I don't care about them. I don't care who wins the championship, don't care if I see or hear anything about it. What I do care about is the game I purchased.

Yet, the only way for me to "support" further development of game content is to buy req packs and just settle with the fact that not all of that money will go towards more DLC because they have a Championship to support? I'd prefer my money... all of it... to go towards actual game content. Who knows, maybe if it did, it wouldn't take almost 4 months to get a few game types and a social play list together?

I'm sure someone is probably thinking about mentioning their "sustain" plan and how the trickled content is supposed to keep us around longer. Didn't work that way for me. Has to be enough there to be worth sustaining. If not, a trickle isn't going to make up for it. Looks like they chose to sustain their championship over their content IMO.
Am I the only one who feels 343 should just start over with a new Halo 4 reminiscent of Halo 3 in terms of art and gameplay with story where the Diadact's ongoing threat through the trilogy?
I thought the road act was a bit boring, glad he wasn't in 5
If you look at the lore there's alot of potential in the Didact's character such as to why he wants to hunt down humans. Before the Halo's the humans killed millions of his kind and they brought the flood to the forerunners. That's just a small part of his back story. I mean if he the ideals of Magneto and the ruthlessness of Megatron he'd be a great antagonist with Master Chief basically being his Charles Xaviour and Optimus Prime.
I think that in Halo Reach, player armors kinda proved that a player was good or at least experienced since you could only earn them by getting a higher rank so then you could buy it with cr, wich you could only get them by playing and not buying, in Halo 5 this is not a rule since its all based on how much luck you have in getting armors, assassinations, helmets, etc. So yeah, I think it gould be more fair if you gained these armors as a regard, but the luck system is more like a fiesta match from a point of vew, more fun based on your random luck you have, for example, you could win the jack pot. But a totally disagree with the system of buying REQs.
I agree with this to an extent. I do not like the addition and increase of microtransactions. It makes the game super unbalanced, which is why in the past I liked halo better than other games. I love Warzone but it does get super frustrating when you get killed time and time again from OP weapons such as the answer. However, since it is just in Warzone, I wouldn't go as far as to say it is ruining halo.
THE 6 SQAD wrote:
....those that buy req packs.
Don't buy any req packs if you care about Halo and it's future.

LeaDead wrote:REALLY?? if thats the way you think i pitty you. the money raised from req packs will go to halo tornaments & future halo tittles. the more peapole buy req packs, the longer halos lifespan becomes. if anyone was to blame for halo being doomed it would be peapole like you Roams Alone. reqs are perfectly fine & will always be wealcome in halo so long as it stays in warzone & far away from arena. & honestly, reqs increase h5s replay value by a tramendous amount with eatch new dlc added. so show you suport for halo & 343, go out & buy you a req pack. OR YOU WILL BE HAUNTED BY 3 SPIRITS!! OOOOHHHHH!!! ghost of halo past, present & future. EXPECT THE 1ST AT THE STROKE OF 12!!!
I'll get your mum to take your Xbox away from you if u don't act your age, oh I frogot, you are young, my misteak
I'll do whatever I want thank you
*Buys the Arena Req pack bundle*

What's that? Someone is telling me how not to spend the money that I earned?
*Buys the Arena Req pack bundle*

What's that? Someone is telling me how not to spend the money that I earned?
Don't buy the Twilight movies on Blu-ray.
There are people that think the REQ system was implemented well? Strange world.
Bohodil wrote:
Oh my god..
I mean, not sure how to respond besides it seems incorrect in my eyes. It's our money we can spend how we like, heck if someone wants to buy a 500$ 343 ultimate bundle for halo 5 armory so be it thats fine I think. But thats just my opinion.
Well seeing as it helping build the largest prize pool in competitive Halo history?

If I'm supporting it and helping build the prize pool via REQ packs, then by all means..

And besides, it's only for Warzone..
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