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Halo needs a 3RD MODE


So this started with Reach and continued to halo 4 with Firefight and Spartan Ops. I realize everyone is going to say "dude are you stupid warzone" or "you just want to destroy halo and 343i" or "stop being a bungie fanboy." Or anything else you guys have. I like this game a whole lot but i feel like there should be another mode BESIDES WARZONE with a strict PvE game set. Spartan ops was terrible, and firefight was beginning to get.... dull. So maybe something new. Like a defend the base senario, where it blends an objective and a firefight type game mode. Or a big battle of AI just to mess around with. Idk. BUT an exception to this would be a HUGE forge mode. I'm talking forgeable AI that can be placed in vehicles, scripted in forge to be told what to do and all that. PLEASE 343i PLEASW GIVE ME FORGEABLE AI
oh, firefight with objectives? that was called generator defense... and its an ai in forge thread... what is this, over 9000 now?
I'd really have liked a more sandbox style firefight with objectives around a large map but Halo 5 still sounds like it'll have a ton of content so I'm still happy.
Halo needs a survival mode

The Gameplay is perfect for it
Halo needs a survival mode

The Gameplay is perfect for it
That's the definition of firefight.
unless your referring to something a little more like COD zombies
Meh campaign, arena, warzone and forge is an ideal halo for me. I never played firefight or spartan ops so I don't really care about them not being included. There's more stuff that I'll enjoy so I'm happy*

*this is just my opinion, I understand some people enjoy these modes. So don't -Yoinking!- attack me again