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Halo Reach or Halo 5

OP Mad Yeti

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I don't know, I love playing them both. Probably Reach right now, but H5 is awesome.
I might play reaches campaign again once.. then go back to halo 5.
Halo 5 is going to become better and better with every single update.

Or in another way:

Cortana: Halo [5]. It's finished.

Master Chief: No, I think we're just getting started.

But why is it always necessary to discuss which game is better?
Just play the game you like most and have fun, where's the point?
Reach was just a testing ground for bungie to try things out for destiny (which they seriously messed up on destiny and Reach). Of course Reach did have more gametypes but I remember most of them having big balancing issues, maybe that's just me thhough. Halo 5 has better mechanics and weapon balance that every other halo.
Ill be playing Reach a lot when it comes. Its not the best Halo ever made (Halo 3 is), but its the last Halo that still feels like Halo to me. Halo 5 is okay, but no one can deny that 343 has changed Halo, in both story and mp, so much that it feels nothing like the game franchise we grew up with. Its an entirely new game now, created to cater to the ADD CoD generation (imo), and i just dont like it nearly as much as i liked H1-Reach.
damn its like children so i cant choose
Why does Halo: Reach and Destiny feel almost the same to me?
halo 5 or halo reach that is the question
the 2 games are good
reach is the best for me
but halo 5 is very nice
It was a downwards spiral for the Halo 3 fans but Halo Reach attracted a large number of new players (myself being one of them) and I have bought every game since.
Halo reach is like marmite you either love it or hate it. And to say the majority of people hated it is a blatent lie. Halo reach is currently the second most populated halo after 5. Granted halo reach did some things wrong but in my opinion it did more things better, Firefight, invasion, SOCIAL PLAYLISTS!!!!! a deep customization system and forge all stuff halo 5 shipped without, not to mention how machinima friendly it was. My problem is that halo "vets" seem to think halo games are JUST made for them but fail to see that 40% of the halo community is casual. If you don't like reach fine but you must know that some people like reach, I even think its the best halo IN MY OPINION!!! I just know some -Yoink- is going to call me out on that but hey I don't care, Im not going to call you out if you think halo 2 is the best.
Most of your points about Reach aren't even contributed to Reach though... Firefight was better in ODST, hands down. The only thing Reach did to improve firefight was add matchmaking, other than that they completely dumbed down the entire experience.

Social playlists have been in Halo since Halo 2, Reach didn't suddenly invent them.

Deep customization is a bit of an over exaggeration. Reach only had 21 armor sets. Sure you could mix and match more slots, but that only goes so far within the limitations. Everything else was just reskins, the same crap people gripe about in Halo 5. And in it's seasoned years, most Spartans looked the same anyways, because everyone was going after the same pieces.

Armor abilities were -Yoink- awful. Even in social they were just dumb. There needs to be a line drawn between how much fun something can be before it's completely imbalanced and broken.

Invasion was a blast, I'll give Reach that. But for the longest time it was more broken than Warzone Assault is now. The number of exploits in Invasion was ridiculous, and it took months to get addressed.

Also, 40% casual that liked it still leaves 60% hardcore that hated it... So that is a majority by your statistics.
just because somebody is hardcore doesn't mean they hated reach, and your hatred for reach is 100% opinion based, if you don't like reach good for you I don't give a flying -Yoink-. i personally think halo 2 was an overated game, If thats your favourite guess what... good for you. Yes halo reach didn't invent social, I was actually comparing the content of reach to halo 5 not other halo's. You need to see the difference between an opinion and a fact. Opinion: reach sucked Fact: halo 5's content is lacking for social players. While you think reach sucked alot of people would beg to differ. This same concept applies to all games.
His hatred is well and truly 100% opinion based, however so is your blind love. reach was the start of the dwindling halo community and that my friend i 100% fact 'based'
reach was the only halo I couldn't stand to play and ultimately quit for call of duty MW3, I had more fun on halo 4 of which became my main game up until i bought an xbox one.
The only reason it seems that most people like reach on THIS FORUM is a huge portion of players and community members quit halo completely when that game came out and ruined the way halo played for years to come. Now i'm not saying its not a bad game, because under the right light it is great, however under the ever glowing red giant star that was the first halo trilogy it was a joke.
I do agree with the lack of content and social content specifically but the simple fact of the matter is that with too much content comes too much spread player base which for MOST countries means it is harder and in some cases impossible to find games, and the blame can be put on 343 and Microsoft themselves for ruining the reputation of Halo and the Xbox one console itself for creating the quite obviously fair and receding community.
I remember the dark times...Sure custom games were a blast in Reach, but the matchmaking....ugh. I still remember how the forums and even early waypoint forums were 99.9% related to making a TU to help balance out the game for matchmaking. And even after the TU came the complaints about bloom/no bloom continued to persist.

Regardless the cycle always seems to repeat itself.

Halo 3 had fans calling for Bungie's head over spread and lack of hit scan and other changes to attributes.

2 had its share of complaints over the limited sandbox and the constant debating/whambulance fest over how vulnerable the network was to cheating of all sorts and what defined it.

In all cases gamers cited the previous game as a golden standard. After Reach I've gotten jaded by such comparisons when the vocal community did an about turned and praised Halo 3 as perfect despite all the issues that dominated threads. The cycle just repeats. Halo 4 was no different. And now neither is Halo 5.
You guys have it all wrong. Both are amazing and different, just like the classics that were also amazing and different.
I'm not going to give some over explained reason behind my decision like most others are doing, why?, because it's all personal opinion, like how i "personally" like Halo5 better than reach. No one person can say whether one game is better than another, nor can you argue with someone saying that them liking the halo you don't like makes them wrong, because to them you're the one in the wrong, that's why things like this are called "Personal opinion". We all like halo, can't we just leave it at that?.
It all depends on the person, the person may be upset at AA's because they suck at them, they may be mad a Bloom because they spam it. Reach is my favorite game because of its more realistic mood, it wasn't colorful like in halo:CE - 3. its armor made more sense then 2's and 3's. its weapons did exactly what a life like version would. i don't give a plug nickel for "campaign maps in FF" if you like classic halo the most, they play it, don't drag down everybody who is looking for new innovative stuff. i will admit that Halo 5 sucks with no social MM, or local multiplayer. but hating 4 and reach, those games are perfect to me. you bungie supremacist are the smallest percet of the fanbase, but you have the loudest voice.
In my defense im saying that both halo 5 and reach were good so between the two i choose both equally
Halo 5 sucks bad. i barely play it. halo reach i love playing on with my friends, halo 4 has the most types of games-types, one for every mood i have, and has a nice campaign, same with reach. halo 5 is okay for competitive, campaign, and graphics.
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