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Has Halo 5 the best forge?

OP SalmonSpoon2125

What's your opinion?
I find that it has the best Forge mode. Ever since its introduction in Halo 3, Forge mode has improved a lot and has gotten easier with each installment of the series. Sure, Halo 5: Guardians Forge mode has a bit of a learning curve, but once you know what you are doing it is surprising easy.
Without question yes it does. It maybe complicated to figure out but those who have taken the time to figure it out have made some of the best and most creative than ever before.
I think the forge is awesome, i think in infinite they should make it even bigger with more stuff to use in forge and more maps and even bigger maps. I'm sure the new console could handle that so it should be something that's possible.
Forge was the only mode I take no issue with in H5. Definitely the best of the series. It takes a bit to learn, but offers so much creative freedom once you do. Can’t wait to see how Forge turns out in Infinite.
Yeah it's got the best forge no question.
Halo 5’s Forge was definitely the best we’ve seen so far. I can’t wait for Infinite’s Forge.