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Have you ever felt kinda bad for the Covenant or

OP LethalQ

Any of the enemies? Was just playing a heroic warzone firefight match on prospect and as I came out of the garage a squad of Covies spawned right in front of me. I threw a plasma grenade and stuck a jackal, which I do hate them by the way, but he shrieks out,"they got me" as the grenade blows up killing him and the surrounding grunts ..poor guy...hahaha... Then another time we here mowing down the hunters in the garage, we were down to the last one and we were just blasting away with our ARs and it was making the gurgling type noises like no I don't want to die...
Sucks to be on the wrong side of the fight.
I always felt a little regret when killing Elites because of how intelligent and capable they are. Imagine if they’d not been brainwashed and had been allied with humanity from the get-go. That would have been one hell of an alliance. But they are/were still the enemy and destroyed a ton of humans so no guilt as such. A similar feeling toward Hunters as well. Definitely did not feel great taking down Engineers. But otherwise, I don’t particularly feel bad for the other species.
Not really, no.

Just watch some clips of them slaughtering people in Halo Wars or Halo: Reach. Or better yet Kat's death in Halo: Reach. As Lord Hood said...

The enemies I feel bad for killing are Maines that were consumed by the Flood, but we're putting them out of their misery.
I feel bad for killing those poor Grunts all the time, even though Warzone Firefight is supposedly just a training simulation. I would make a terrible Spartan 😂
Those simulation enemies didn't do anything so maybe in that regard, but they are programmed to kill me so I don't feel bad.
You know... I never thought about this before. I mean... Think about it. According to the Halo story line the covenant were trying to escape the flood when they encountered mankind. Out of fear mankind and covenant started fighting each other. Spartans were initially designed to fight human factions that rebelled against peace but were called to action when the covenant started glassing planets. Eventually mankind did make some allies with certain, more reasonable, factions of the covenant empire. But the prophets spread herasy about mankind as being demonic (mostly because of the Spartans). So the covenant that we fight really are just brainwashed by the religious propaganda of the prophets. Doesn't help that we killed the prophets either because we basically just made martyrs of them. This only gave greater acceptance of the belief to the more zealous covenant that mankind was a demonic abomination that needed to be irradicated. Do I feel bad for killing them... In a way... I kinda do. But they are enemy... Brainwashed or not... Their agenda is to wipe out mankind and this Spartan can not allow such a cause, no matter how misguided, to be carried out.
I mostly felt bad for the grunts. They were forced into the war