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Having a hard time winning in warzone.

OP thicholas

I've been placing in the top 4 for the past week in warzone and yet I can manage to only win about a third or fourth of those games. I have a kda of 3.0 over the course of 495 games with a average of 27.4 kills per game. How do you win in warzone?
Play with teams.
You pretty much need middle base control (preferably holding mid with your own base as well) as well as controlling the bosses.

Bosses are true game changers if it’s a close game. Also, placing high on your list is nice but it really is a team playlist, so if the team is uncoordinated then good luck on winning
It's best to join a Spartan company so you can have a team to coordinate with. If you are a solo gamer it can be tough. My personal record was 9 loses in a row ( I was almost upset when the team I was on won the tenth). I never really worried about winning in warzone as long as I performed well. One thing that I think works but can be tough to do is get those boss kills, steal them if you have too. I noticed that if you can keep the score close your team is more likely to keep trying to win vs if they see the other team pulling away score wise they quickly stop trying.
Get a team or friends together. Going solo you are going to get idiots who don’t know what they are doing.
You can win solo. You have to go for bosses and not kills though. When I solo q I almost always get the two minute, four minute and six minute boss. I also always try to steal the other teams two and four minute boss. If you can get both two and four minute bosses you will be at a minimum req five sometimes six. Playing solo getting a ton of kills is meaningless if you or your teammates don’t get any bosses. It certainly is much easier to win with four or five other people that know what they are doing. If you don’t have any friends on just play a solo game and invite a few of the people that did good in your game.
Get every boss you can. 27 kills pales in comparison to killing 4-5 bosses that could add up to over 400 points (assuming legendary and mythic bosses).
Ok thanks most of our bosses have been stolen like you guys were suggesting. I'll try that.
To me bosses are very important, especially all the smaller bosses. The score you get from them will add up quickly, and it seems like if your score isn't close enough to the other team then your teammates are less likely to use powerful REQs, which just makes you lose faster. Getting lots of bosses will also jump up your REQ level faster.
M0hammed wrote:
Get every boss you can. 27 kills pales in comparison to killing 4-5 bosses that could add up to over 400 points (assuming legendary and mythic bosses).
Can definitely back this up. I almost have 20k boss kills and can attest to how important they can be if you're in a game where you can only hold one base and are playing catch up. Even if you end up loosing the last boss, it feels way better to have a neck and neck game rather than being farmed.
This game is full of try hards these days, there are no more casual players.
If you want to win, play with a team mate or prepare to lose.
If you want a casual experience and chill out, change game.