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Heartbreaking Final Deaths in Super Fiesta (74-75)

OP ThatKindBadger8

Late this afternoon, I was playing Super Fiesta on The Rig and the scores were tied at 74. I was in a one-on-two situation and unfortunately, I was the one who suffered the heartbreaking final death and we lost by one point. Has anyone suffered the heartbreaking final death in Super Fiesta yet? Let me know and how does it really feel?
It happened to me before, but I don't really care since it's Fiesta.
that has happens to me to its frustrating
All the time.
the opposite happened to me
Not very often. My team seems to mostly lose by a landslide... lol
I’ve had this happen to me at times in ranked playlists. It’s a painful feeling especially when you’re trying to gain CSR.