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How are Halo 4's graphics better than Halo 5's?

OP Some dead cats

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Halo 4 is an upgrade from halo 3 look at the similarity
Halo 4 indeed looks better
graphics are almost everything to me in games (that is why i bought an Xbox one) so i was somewhat disappointed when i played halo 5.
Graphics are everything to you?... but you bought an xbox one...

The xbox one is the weakest console this cycle and is smashed by a half decent PC. If graphics are everything to you, why didn't you buy a PS4 or even built a decent gaming PC/ purchase a good value prebuilt (yes those exist).

All the xbox one has going for it is Halo.
He's on the halo forums... maybe that's why he has an xbox one. Idk. Not like it's obvious or anything.
Dose 343 even know what their doing
Halo 4 has fantastic BTB maps, but if you are a great forger, you can make much better looking maps in Halo 5. if you don't believe me, check out my Saints Row 3 Penthouse remake, you can download it from my fileshare here, it is called "Bikini Beach".

Say what now?
I don't understand, is that supposed to look bad or something?
????? ... well, I guess if you think it looks good, then that's great. To me, it's a blurry mess. Un-rendered.

Can't see the ugly with them rose-lenses in.
Co signed, If you go and look at the BTB maps in Halo 4, they are stunning... no comparison... H5 looks plastic in comparison
They were maps I think were devolped and not used in forge like all halo 5 maps.
because halo 4 sucks no offense
I still don't see how Halo 5 isn't better. MAYBE(big maybe) the textures are lower fidelity, but there's more to graphics than textures. The lighting, the shaders, everything feels way better than Halo 4. And - Halo 5's shaders and lighting are what made me finally happy with the new Covenant designs. Not to mention the epic skyboxes.

I need to side-by-side compare Composer and Blue Team; these two levels are similarly styled (by design) so they're best for comparison.
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I wish we kept Halo 4 graphics or even Halo2A Campaign graphics. At least they have split screen. #MakeHaloGreatWithSplitScreen
Zaddy9291 wrote:
because halo 4 sucks no offense
at least Halo 4 had a better story.
Well, I have to say Halo 4's graphics are better than Halo 5's but there is a huge difference the sounds are more realistic and better on Halo 5.
The only things that bothers me is on apex 7 when I get on a hill there's one bush that when I go up to it, it's literally the flatter than a pancake
Wait wait what?Graphics is why i got halo.
This is ridiculous,why would you say that.
The spartans in Halo 4 look like statues and Halo 5's are like a movie.
Halo 4 looked pretty damn good for the aging console it released on especially in cut scenes but Halo 5 looks horrible.
Not only has it cheated to gain 60fps but the textures look down right awful up close on most vehicles and on certain objects especially in the campaign and the cut scenes seem to be a step back from Halo 4's but only slightly. If you dare to tread off the beaten path of the campaign you will see objects in the background disappear and the whole landscape change for some reason which happens far too much in the opening mission. Not to mention the Warzone map Raid on apex 7 is by far the ugliest looking thing in the entire series with its far too bright colour contrast and for some reason no water effects.
Not to mention the game is on an xbox one which is obviously far more powerful than the 360 so why is this? I honestly have no idea but if any of you do please explain

Edit: I've been informed the reason for these bad graphics is 343s attempt at getting the game to stay at 60fps at all times which they have managed to do but at the cost of split screen and the obvious graphics downgrade which is a terrible decision as one of the main reasons Halo is considered a game in which you can grab a friend and play some split screen is now gone because of 60fps which no one actually asked for.
Lol at this end bit.

Go back to 30 fps.
Looks awful as -yoink- now.
Let me get this straight.

Halo Ce/2- original Xbox, 4 player splits screen, massive open campaign maps wiht plenty out of map zones, great graphics for the time, and 30 fps

Halo 3/Reach/4- 360,Splitscreen, out of map areas (3 and reach) great graphics (especially reach IMO), 30fps.

Halo 5- Xbox one, below average graphics/visuals/physics etc,no out of map areas that come close to the classics, and no open wide maps, sungai on is awesome though, no Splitscreen, no Lan, 60 fps.

Seems to me either the Xbox is holding the game back, or 343 didn't have time/too lazy to optimize the game better.
I don't think they differ too much, but I find Halo 5's visuals slightly better.

Not by a tremendously, but there is an amount of detail they're able to capture in Halo 5 that wasn't possible with Halo 4 when you can notice it. I see it primarily in the weapons. A lot of work put into those.

But with that said, for the current generation, Halo 5's visuals aren't exactly top notch. No doubt a lot of corners were cut to reach that 60 fps, and even then, its not true 60 fps. But those are the downsides when working with a console that can't get the job done. It's quite sad that consoles still can't reach the 60 fps 1080p standard. Even more so in regards to the Xbox One.
For all you uneducated folk, FPS(Frames Per Second), does not equal graphical fidelity, FPS is, in laymen's terms, how smooth the gameplay is. When you play a game like H: Reach, it looks like you are lagging like a mofo. Reach plays at a mostly consistent 30 FPS on the 360, while on the XBone, it plays at about 24, but constantly dips down to, or below 20 FPS when looking at something moderately complex, or when viewing explosions.

You must also take these into account when discussing graphical fidelity: Shaders, How the engine determines lighting, resolution, and a few things I cannot remember at the moment. I would consider this the best for everybody for H6: H5 Beta lighting and shading, 60 FPS when playing alone, 30 FPS when playing Campaign, Split-screen, or forge, 720p resolution across the board,unless the Scorpio can handle all this at about 900p. An art style, for the armor at least, that is reminiscent of the old trilogy, I want nothing to do with Reach's art style, too much saturation on everything, except the shotgun, that was the best looking one out of all Halo games so far.
It looks like they generalized a lot of stuff because of the massive backlash of Halo 4. But to be quite honest, Halo 5's scenery looks helluva lot better to me.
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