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How did you get good at Halo 5

OP LGIMnotNestea

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I wouldn't say I'm good but I'm at least semi-decent.

I found that Halo 5 was easy for me to get used to but it has been quite different to what I was used to (H2 and H3). The biggest thing that Halo 5 differs from other Halo games is the focus on map movement. Halo 5 has so many broken mechanics and movement tactics that going from one side of the map to the other is a breeze. Gun skill is still important but, in my experiences of 1v1s and 4v4s, knowing how to run around people is a big help and if you have that and good gun skill, you can beat most people.

A few suggestions I have are:
  • Take the fact that your opponents can move faster and move around faster than previous Halos into consideration.
  • Beware of that cheaky thrust strafe. A lot of people have started putting thrusts in their strafes and being annoying in general. When someone jumps one way in a gunfight, they normally thrust back the other way unless you seem to be predicting it.
  • Play your teammates. This is for solo queuing, and is the single most important thing you can be doing in that situation. You should mostly assume your matchmade teammates are incompetent. This isn't the same for all ranks, for example, a lot of times high diamond and onyx players know what they need to do based on each other's play style. Any lower than that you will be with your teammates all the time trying to help them stay alive and play objective.
  • Constantly check the area around you. Just because a second ago you checked that someone wasn't somewhere, doesn't mean they won't be there later. Even if someone has literally just spawned, they can be on top of you in seconds.
  • Map knowledge is key, look for the places people and weapons can spawn and the fastest ways to and from those areas. You want this knowledge in your back pocket; even if you don't use it.
  • Break the game. Now I'm not encouraging you to pull a HR and hide outside the map; even though it's fun. I'm encouraging you to be creative with what your spartan abilities can do. The best example is the thrust slide, not intended to be in the game but still a great movement feature. Using this correctly gets you places very quickly, for example; using the thrust slide, you can jump the gap between the bridges on Coliseum
Stick with your team. 2 people can do devastating damage.
To answer the title of the thread, it wasn't too hard since the skills that I do have just transferred over from the previous games which I've been playing up to H5's release.
As a high ranking member of halo 5 (only sr rank 98 but still) all you need to do is spend time in war zone firefight (sharpens basically all your skills minus the frustration of war zone) and infection (to sharpen your reaction timing) that’s all I did and I’m able to get a rocket Mary from one side of the map to another. P.S. good luck in getting good.
most things aside from the movement mechanics have stayed the same, spartan charge and slide are more or less gimmicks but
infinite sprint
ground pound
stabilize / hover
are all major differences to any other halo, since you couldn't chain anything with sprint in reach and H4 there was no issue, but now those 5 mobility aids are THE focal point of the game, many slower tactics you could use in old halo aren't worth much as even flanking or surprising enemies isn't very rewarding due to how easy it is to escape.

the easiest way to see the difference is to look at the top
look at the competitive gameplay for all the halos (or just the one you found yourself comfortable with and this one), watch a video from just 1 players perspective not a stream with 4-8 changing perspectives and pay attention to where they position, why they position, what they try to avoid by spacing themselves from corners or how they capitalize on things.

when playing try to face the best players and if not then try to go balls to the wall and see what you get away with, keep what works and try to try what doesn't in a different way. Every game will be different, so it will never be consistent but by throwing yourself out there game to game you start to gain a collective knowledge and what you can get away with.

if you're inaccurate just keep trying to hit tough shots, octogon, FFA and team snipers helps with accuracy, if your positioning and awareness needs brushing up then FFA, doubles and mlg quickly improve that.

if you want to be good just keep playing and be aware of decisions and their effects, if you want to be great then you just have to keep facing the best and get into competitive custom games, with comp players.
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