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[Locked] How do I get forge maps from other players?

OP TwitchingFool0

As said for this topic, I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to download maps from other players or link me a page of some sort on it please. I'm quite a bit behind on all this forge stuff and have never really used forge before.
Go to community creations and follow people who have good maps, then download them off their profile in Halo 5.
Exactly. If you add them as a friend but they don't 'accept you' you are still following them. Check your H5 friends on the homescreen and play their bookmarks. If you like the map or gametype you can bookmark it yourself.
Halo MCC

You can send me a friend request, join my party, and play my custom map. Then look in your temporary maps and save the map as a private map. Thanks, majorevileye867
On waypoint at the top of your screen beside FORUMS is the tab COMMUNITY, press that. You will be put in game clips so you have to move over to map variants. There you can search for any map and bookmark it.
Click on their name
at the bottom you’ll see “files”
click that + the mode you wanna download
you’ll see “save as bookmark”
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