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[Locked] How to easily get Breakout immortals

OP Tommi theKrogan

This is my first thread that I have created on the forums. I do often comment and discuss on other people's threads though. So yeah, I literally had no choice to leave this matter unspoken of when I saw some people complaining about immortals being too hard to get. Well to be fair, it was like that a month ago. Not anymore.

Also, I originally posted this thread yesterday to a wrong section in the forums. It got barely any attention and I wanted to move it to a more popular area, so that more people could learn something from this going forward. And unfortunately, I can't just move it between 'Community' and 'Games' sections, so this is a repost now.

Here's my background: Breakout was my favorite Halo 5 mode from the beginning. I played it the most in Halo 5 and loved every second of it. I even achieved Champion 1 rank in Breakout once and currently have over 10,000 kills in the playlist alone. Anyways, I recently finished my last commendation during the first week of august for Halo 5, which was none other than Breakout immortals. It is arguably the hardest commendation in the game to max out. For a reward, I received this bad boy called Magnum Opus and have been using it proudly ever since =)

To the point: You need 63 immortals in total to get the commendation 'unstoppable' maxed out. It is an enormous grind to get them all. Even though I played Breakout all the time, it still took me 10 months to finish the commendation. But it's not like that anymore. Now finishing immortals is ridiculously easy. Reason? Action Sack. If you people didn't already know, there's three game modes in Action Sack where you can achieve immortals. These are Mantis Breakout, Tank World and Paintball Junkies. Note: It is actually not easy if you play solo. You can still get them, it just takes a lot more games. And a lot more skill.

The easiest and fastest way to get immortals obviously is to play Action Sack with a party of four. And the easiest mode to receive immortals is Mantis Breakout. From my own experience when I played Action Sack with my friends, we all four received immortals pretty much every time we played Mantis Breakout. If your team has coordination and teamwork, you can just butcher and team shot the enemies without none of your teammates dying. It also helps that Action Sack has the worst average players and probably most casuals in Halo 5 playing it. Most often you match against really low skilled people. Obvious (but perhaps needed?) advice: Work in pairs at Mantis Breakout. Move as groups of 2 and attempt to team shot one of the enemy players. If that is not possible, then just beat them head on as a 2 v 2 fight. If you are outmatched, just run. You don't have to fight 2 v 3 because one of the enemies is receiving a 2 v 1 from your other friends. Just run away from that 2 v 3 and wait for your other friends to help you out. After that one enemy guy dies, you can now team shot the rest of the enemy players easily.

Now, the second easiest mode to get immortals is Tank World. Again, a party of four and teamwork are the key. If that is not enough, let me tell you a tip. Let's say you have a tank completely burning which would explode from one hit. Just drive your tank to either your own base or the enemy base. Check your surroundings for possible enemy tanks nearby before proceeding. Then proceed to drive your tank inside one of the boxes where there is another, completely healthy tank. When it is inside, and partly on top of the other tank, jump out and switch to the new tank. Now just drive your new tank out of the box and you are good to go. Note: You got 10 seconds to do this after you drive your tank inside the box. It only took like 5-6 seconds for me to do it though. It's not hard.

And lastly, the hardest mode to get immortals at is Paintball Junkies. What makes this so hard is that you die from one hit. Just one. But then again, you just have to survive for three rounds. Needless to say but a party of four and teamwork are the key, once again. We rarely ever got four immortals when we played Paintball Junkies. Most often at least one or two of us died. And when they do, just have those guys tank the enemies for the rest of the game and perhaps the two remaining guys can still get the immortals. Or just have someone like me there to help. I have all immortals already so I can just make risky plays and try to tank the enemies so my friends get the good stuff. Alternatively, you can just avoid playing Paintball Junkies. When you find a game, the leader can boot all three other players from the lobby. When they are removed, just join one of them and search again. The three other players besides host can also use 'leave fire team' so the leader doesn't have to boot you one by one.

Okay guys, I'm gonna wrap this up. It is absurd to me that some people have not realized this yet. Playing Action Sack with four friends will easily get you 10-20 immortals per day. You could max out immortal commendation (unstoppable) from 0 to 63 in three days. If you guys found this little guide helpful, please let other people know of this. Now all you have to do is go out there and finish the hardest commendation in the game easily. Then possibly also receive your beautiful Magnum Opus emblem. (You also need every other Arena commendation maxed out in order to get it). It is the best looking emblem in the game in my opinion. And to be honest, I give it more value than the SR152 emblem, Mantle. You can grind 3-minute long Warzone games with a full party all day long and eventually get to the max rank. Getting Magnum Opus actually takes skill. And before Action Sack arrived from the heavens to save us, it took a lot more skill. Now it is easier but I guess I can't change that. To be honest I am a bit salty that I had to work my -Yoink- off to max out immortals and you guys necessarily don't ^^ Anyway, have a great grind people!
Also guys, I had some comments on my previous thread regarding people being solo players, and that they don't have the luxury of a party of four working together. If this thread gets popular, you guys can look for new people you can play Action Sack with here. Team up together and go get some easy immortals.

In addition, if somebody wants to learn a trick spot / hiding spot for Paintball Junkies, watch this video:
And then learn to climb that tree like I did. (You can learn it in peace at Forge for example. You can download the map from The343Favorites gamertag). I have won multiple 1 v 4 situations and even more 1 v 3 situations from up there. The thing is, you are actually pretty hidden if you stand where I was standing. The enemy team can only spot you from one point of their side of the map. I don't think anyone ever spotted me from up there. Most often people didn't even realize I was up there after I started killing the enemy players like in the video. They just run where I killed the previous guy and get punished for it. Just don't try to go there a second time after the enemies know your spot =)
Thanks for this. It's one of the few I have left as well. I'm assuming that means you can get the last man standing while outnumbered ones as well?
Thanks for this. It's one of the few I have left as well. I'm assuming that means you can get the last man standing while outnumbered ones as well?
Yes, the 'Against All Odds' commendation is also doable in Action Sack. The commendation doesn't always work properly so you will find yourself doing a bifecta (1 v 2 win) but you don't receive the medal. And sometimes you find yourself doing a bifecta and you receive a superfecta (1 v 4 win) medal. So you can get them in Action Sack, but you won't always get them when you should. Take that in note. In my opinion, social Breakout is better for getting 'Against All Odds' commendation. But in order to do it in Breakout, you obviously need some amount of skill. If you don't have enough, just do Action Sack like you said.
Thanks for the tips I'm just struggling.
Please don't revive old topics thanks