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Huskie raid cheat sheet


Note to all randoms in huskie raid. The bottom left corner displays who's killing who. When you see someone on your team wipe the other team out. CHARGE!!!
That is all
simple and strait to the point, very well done my friend.
hahaha yeah the majority of the people are scared to push like this were Breakout
Was not expecting that. Well played OP and I totally agree
People just dont realize this gametype is a game of position. You come out the spawn fighting for control of the middle. Who ever wins that fight usually has control of the other teams quarter of the map. Pushing the other team in thier base. They fight thier way out and depending on whether they wipe the team out at once or trickle kill them. They will either be able to take up position in thier quarter or on the center line of the map. Seconds count. You should always scan the left bottom corner like it's a mirror in your car. It's only ok to hang back and snipe from the base when the battle line is for your half of the map. Certain maps allow a direct site line into the oponents base and sniping is cool as long as the whole team isnt trying to do it. The dance in a pool of weapons after a team gets wiped out. Constantly dropping and picking up weapons is never a good idea. You give up a good position letting the other team spawn. Unless it's for a prophers bane or the answer. Maybe a norfang you should just play with the weapons you get and push allowing whatever weapon you think you need to disappear into the spawn pool. Always checking your bottom left corner. Soon as the team is wiped out and your positioned at the center or quarter everyone should be pushing for the base and someone should grab the flag. If there is only one of your team left alive then by almeans wait for your team to respawning. Otherwise be aggressive