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I like Swatnums but i never get it

OP FrostPebble

I know that a lot of people hate swatnums however I am one of the people who actually like it. These people seem to get it all the time and they find it annoying. Unfortunately for me, I played like 20 games and I did not get it once. I am not even exaggerating this actually happened. I just want to know if 343 removed it or something
Nope. I'm still getting it
First time I've heard someone complain they don't get it. Lol
I'm with you, OP. I enjoy it but many community members don't. I wish it popped up more.
I don't see the hatred for it, I definitely want it to pop up more.
I love Swatnums! And the DMR variant too actually. I like the variants better than the regular version lol
I prefer Swatnums over Swat Br, I do better with the Pistol in that Playlist.
I'd take SWATnums any day over DMR SWAT
SWAT Magnums is the best gametype in SWAT... the limited range/feel of the pistol makes it fun.
DMRSwat would be more fun with Recon DMR I think. The standard DMR's zoom is rough for the smaller maps.

But on topic - I love Swatnums as well and I never get it...
I don't mind it. I get it a good bit as well. I would prefer the gunfighter or tactical magnum for it though.
Yes I finally got got it!!!! But i only got in the top 3 :(
All this love for Swatnums, DMR swat, Swat BR...I just want Swatguns back for some fun!
Love Swatnums. Play more and you'll get it more!
I have found Swatnums interesting. Since its basically a mini dmr with less range. But do like it.
Its helped me grow to not dislike the pistol