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[Locked] If you could add 1 thing and remove 1 thing

OP CT6282

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Trenchbird wrote:
Take out the Spartan Charge ability, re-add the Halo 4 style armor system (Greives, Chest, R/L shoulders, wrists, etc.)
...and perhaps through in elements of the Reach armor system too?
Add split-screen
Remove invincible Phantoms and Spirits
Remove the asinine glare.
Add reasonable spawn points.
Remove sprint, add offline LAN.
Add: A true Firefight experience, not WZFF.
Remove: Sprint, without a doubt.
Yes, I absolutely loathe sprint.
Remove sprint, add split-screen
remove ground pound..

add split screen..

but to be honest i am level 144 , and i think i only kill 3 persons with ground pound.
Add CQB with its original paint job.
Remove spartan charge.
Remove Seeker and add in the Ricochet Set back.
Add customization like in Halo Reach

Remove spartan charge
Remove Warzone, and thereby the Req system, and add proper BTB playlist from launch with dev and forge maps included.
CT6282 wrote:
If you could add 1 thing and remove 1 thing from the game, what would it be? Just 1 of each, no more.
I would remove sprint, and I would increase the base movement speed.
Way too many things I'd like to add or remove to just choose one so I'll do it by categories instead.

Campaign I'd remove the "story" and I'd add a story.

Reqs I'd remove the scout hogs and add Brute choppers.

Maps I'd remove Escape from Arc and add a map themed on the arc from Halo 3 (And I'd make sure the middle base wasn't in such a dominant position on said map)

Gameplay I'd remove all aim assist on spartan charge and add recoil damage if the charge user crashed into anything other than a valid target.

Vehicles I'd remove the paper armour and add real armour (This includes the ease of boarding a tank and destroying it with a single grenade)

U.I I'd remove the display of emblems we currently get pre game and add an actual player list including showing teams in advance.

A.I enemies I'd remove the Warden eternal and add Jiralhanae enemies (Brutes).

Playlists I'd remove Breakout and add a team objective playlist.
This is tough, not going to lie... so many choices lol

I'd say remove all forms of ADS zooming and everything that comes with it and replace with Interactive Environments aka like H2A had (shooting down chucks of ice, activating a huge Shield Etc)
I would remove all the hate on spartan charge (Yes, I actually really do like it)
I would add the Sticky Det.
I'd remove 343, and add Bungie
Honestly, I'd remove all armor varients (Only one EVA Gen 2 set, only one Seeker set etc.), in place of Dev made BTB maps.
Add bungie remove 343i remove heavy aim add decent campaign
James4125 wrote:
Reqs I'd remove the scout hogs and add Brute choppers.
Please don't remove scout hogs. That would be bad for people who play Warzone Firefight.

That said, I would love for Brute Choppers to come back
removing all spartan abilities, and add in warzone weapon attachment customization(choose any scope any 1 or 2 attachments[e.g. Battle Rifle with hybrid scope, extra mag, and supressor])
I would remove smurfs and add more players to the game.
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