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If you could create a game mode what would it be?

OP Deathray9000

If you could create your vary own game mode what would it be?
i would create warzone: holdouts. Basically what happens is a large group of Spartans try to protect there base from invading enemies but if you die you turn into a zombie and try to kill the remaining humans.
social ctf or stongholds
I would make arena variations on maps that can support 6 players. I feel like it sucks when you have more than 4 friends on, and you want to play slayer on a arena styled map, not BtB. So those instances where you have 5 or 6 friends on would be perfect. I also dislike BR starts since h5s BR get what I'm saying I bet...
Warzone Infection or BTB Super Fiesta.
-4v4 team mode
-kill the enemy to convert them to your team
-completely assimilate the enemy team or have the most players on your team at the end of the time limit to win
-no power weapons or power ups
-multiple rounds (maybe)

Think of it as Infection but both sides are able to infect.
Assassination only mode and Spartan charge only mode......need these for Spartan company commendations !
HaXoR73 wrote:
Warzone Infection or BTB Super Fiesta.
Warzone infection is basically what I said but without the enemy AIs