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If you could have 4 more announcers added. Who?


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Digitalized Nightmare (YouTuber; for his performance in UTTM)

Donald Trump (I want to hear "We lost the armory" from Palmer, then hear Trump say "You're fake news!" Not because politics, I just think it's funny)

Didact (Halo 4; I want to hear him say his "Time was your ally, human" speech at the 1 minute left mark)

Hank Hill and Dale Gribble (King of the Hill; I want to hear "Dang it, Dale! You let them take the armory!" followed by "We recaptured our armory! Sh sh shaw!" and "Pocket sand!"
The didactic saying that would be lit
lord hood
LethalQ wrote:
1. Sarge
2. Caboose
3. Master Chief
4. Jeff Seid
You're welcome
1. Master Chief
2. Spartan Jerome
3. Sgt. Johnson
4. Noble 1 aka Carter
1. Atriox. Just hearing him make fun of you and call you "little demon" would be amazing.
2. Cortana. Not the evil version,but master chiefs companion that we all love.
3. Jun. I think it would be cool and interesting,especially when you get kills with a sniper.
4. Johnson. The greatest motivational speaker of all time.
Now to choose from from one of these,it's really close between them all,but I've got to go with Johnson.
1. Thel Vadam
2. Johnson
3. Keyes
4. Jeff Steitzer (as he sounded in HCE, there would have to be a lot more recordings of him saying crap but I think it's worth it.)
  1. The voice actor from the Bionicle commercials
  2. Moonbase Alpha text-2-speech
  3. Pepsi-man
  4. Goku
  1. C.T "Muthaf*ckin" Fletcher
  2. Jeff Seid "Brah"
  3. Caboose
  4. Madara Uchiha (English Dub)
  5. Vegeta (Both Original & Abridged)
  6. Drake (Bell) & Josh (Peck) (Yes, both of them, not simultaneously, but they'll be interrupting each other, would be so funny)
  7. BroScienceLife/ Dom Mazzetti/ Mike Tornabene (Same person; Chanel Name(YT)/Persona Name/Real Name
There are more, but these are some, and YES, NONE of these are from the Halo series.

TIP: If you don't know any (or one of these), I'd recommend you search them. :)
I personally like the announcer DLC. If there is going to be a announcer DLC 2 who would you pick?
  1. Thel Vadam (The current Arbiter)
  2. Cortana
  3. Warden eternal
  4. Mister chief
Imagine the Warden Eternal in Warzone announcing the Warden Eternal is going to spawn. Will he use first person or third person?
As for who would I pick for announcers:
1. A random marine
2. Roland
3. Some new, unique character
1. Jun
2. The Arbiter or Shipmaster
3. Auntie Dot
4. Locke........(And actually give him a heart not like we saw in the campaign)
  1. Caboose from Red vs Blue
  2. Johnson
  3. Captain Keys
  4. Halo CE Elite wort noises
1. Jeff
2. Jeff
3. Jeff
4. Jeff
if you don't know who Jeff is, he's the old dude who does and has done the announcing for all the halo titles. He was on his A-game in halo 4 and now in halo 5 he's only there a 1/3 of the time with palmer and some random Spartan voice yelling their cheesy lines.
Since the War Games are "canon", I think the Didact, Gravemind or Johnson can not be included, and I doubt the Master Chief would do that kind of work in the Infinity, so
my choices would be:

1.- Thel Vadam - The serious one. Kind of like a deal with humanity for helping each other out in their respective battles, plus, I F'ing love the arby's voice.
2.- Catherine Halsey - The tough one. In a way of taking back his original program, helping the new spartans to be confident the hard way.
3.- A marine - This would serve as the comic relief. A random, rookie marine who had just luck to be in the War Games Annoucer program.
Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, and Johnson.
Cortana, Mister Chief, Johnson, and Miranda Keyes (tssk tssk)
Forerunners (Holy ones)
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1. Cortana
2. Cortana
3. Cortana
4. Cortana

If we're talking about any random youtuber, then probably the best pick would be Rich Piana, right babe?
Is the Monitor an announcer already? If not, Monitor!
1. Killer Instinct Announcer
2. Sgt. Johnson
3. Cpt. Cutter
4. Halsey
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