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[Locked] Improving the Waypoint Forum Experience

OP ske7ch

As we celebrate 15 years of Halo today it felt like a great time to roll out a few changes to the Waypoint forums as we continue to work on creating a platform for our community to engage in a positive and constructive way.

To that end the team has made a few adjustments to the forums that I want to bring to your attention:

1. Featured Topics - From now on these topics will be manually curated by the team to allow us to highlight on-topic and constructive topics and prevent 'snowballing' by members. We will monitor and evaluate forum threads to tag as "featured" as appropriate.

2. Polls - To allow for better conversation in topics we have once again made it so Polls are exclusive to the Polls Discussion Forum. The forum exists for a reason, now it's very clear and easy to conduct polls and have focused discussions.

3. Rules & Guidelines - And finally, to continue to build on a foundation for fostering positive and constructive engagement we've updated the forum rules to be both simpler and a bit stricter with regards to certain aspects. The goal here is to make it easier to understand what is and isn't acceptable behavior and also help our team and moderators have a more clear cut path towards responding when warranted. Ultimately I hope everyone is friendly, mature and constructive but this being the internet, we know that's not always the case. You can find the full updated new Rules & Guidelines HERE. (and pinned within each forum)

We will continue to engage with our fans here on Waypoint and as always I welcome your suggestions, ideas and feedback to help us continue to foster a great Halo community.