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Infection seems unbalanced

OP onaregister

so infection seems to go like this:

1) rocket launchers
2) snipers
3) shotguns
4) pistols
5) hydra launchers
6) ability to run
7) dmr

1) sword
2) inability to run
Yet zombies win 80%~ of the rounds
But very limited ammo. I think it's balanced
Yet zombies win 80%~ of the rounds
Thank you! Humans hardly ever win a round, and usually because the alpha zombies don't know how to attack properly and where to attack properly. The only thing I could recommend them doing is add 1 more minute to the game timer. That would give the zombies a little more chance to get going.
If humans just sit in a corner they can pretty much slaughter any zombies that can seem to walk at a slow but yet steady pace ( slow and steady may have worked for the tortoise but it doesn't seem to great here)
As a zombie I like to trick survivors into wasting some of their ammo as I duck back and forth behind the corner.