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Is Halo 5 anyone's favorite Halo


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I was just wondering if anyone's favorite Halo game was Halo 5. I never hear really anyone talk about it and when I do it is people bashing it. I loved the multiplayer even though the enhanced moblitly was a little overwhelming in slayer when I had to make the quickest decsions. I didnt like the story I felt like it was lacking compared to Halo 4 which I though had a good story.
Halo 5 is my favorite Halo FPS game. It was also my first Halo FPS game. I should clarify that it is my favorite for multiplayer, however I do enjoy the campaign. As far as favorite campaign, I think Halo CE is it for me. I have not played Reach yet and am waiting for it to be added to the MCC.
I don't hate the story like most people do but it was still highly disappointing compared to Halo 4's amazing story. The ads made it seem like it was gonna be one of the best Halo stories out there and I was immensely hyped for it but the end result was a lackluster story. It had things that I loved such as Master Chief and the rest of Blue Team and the return of Thel.

The multiplayer on the other hand is my favorite in the entire series. I wish it had a lot more maps especially dev maps but I still have tons of fun playing.

Overall Halo 5 has my favorite multiplayer but also a very disappointing story.
Hands down my favorite Halo game, then again I didn’t play much of reach and I played NONE of Halo 4... but I love halo 5 and I hope infinite is similar.
I actually played a few matches on mcc the other day and I struggle with the lack of mobility and the movement in the old games feels painfully slow to me. This will sound like heresy to the purists but my favorites are reach and halo 5.

Reach is my favorite campaign. Covenant enemies only and the story is excellent.
I actually played a few matches on mcc the other day and I struggle with the lack of mobility and the movement in the old games feels painfully slow to me. This will sound like heresy to the purists but my favorites are reach and halo 5.
It is tied with H2 as my favorite multiplayer. The campaign is definitely last place in the series though
Favorite multiplayer for sure. I had great memories playing Halo 3 back in highschool but unfortunately the game hasn't aged well. Halo 5's competitive sandbox clicks for me. It still feels like classic Halo but with more toys.
Not my favorite, but not my least favorite either.
It's up there for my favorite Halo multiplayer. Warzone is my favorite part of the multiplayer.
Favorite multiplayer
Not my favorite, but not my least favorite either.

My favorite will always be CE, the original release for the Xbox. I pick that over the later PC release because the PC release is missing the file that corrects the Magnum for PvP. Dunno what I'm talking about? Look it up. Seriously, it's real.

Anyway, I do have to say that Halo 5 Forge is my favorite because of the amount of freedom it gives you, I mean, it's really something special compared to the other Forge models.

That being said, I'm not a fan of the designs. Starting in 4 and going way over the top in 5, the designs are just too much. Too much design on Spartan armors, too much design on Prometheans, too much over design in small things like how the world looks. Half the time, the strive to make things look better only makes me feel like I'm playing Lego Halo sometimes. And there's A LOT that's offensive to the eyes, like way too much glare effects on lights. I'm a fan of using them in my maps, it adds detail, but sometimes when it comes to Forerunner design, it just seems to be a bit too much.

I'm not a fan of the Forerunner designs simply because it portrays a way different story than what we were lead to believe, and far more different than the ruins in CE, I mean, it just feels too "new" to me for it all to be THOUSANDS of years old, even if machines that are super advanced are taking care of it, I'd still expect to see systems failing, things that NEEDED Forerunners to maintain that machines simply couldn't. It's only logical to assume, under these circumstances, that there would be things failing. Case in point: Dwarven ruins in Elder Scrolls. Ancient, but FAR younger than the Forerunner ruins, relied on machinery, still shows its age.

The Forerunner design in the new Halo(s) just seems not aged, too new, like it was built just yesterday. I'd expect to see at least a little bit of nature trying to grab it back. The Spartan armor is just too one-shaded for me. I liked the black bodysuits better.

That's just my opinion, anyway.
I like the game, however I can’t make it my favourite. Halo 2 will always remain my favourite
No but there are some good elements ...

That said I'm still playing and at 148 so ya know.
As a Campaign-only player, it's no secret that Halo 5's Solo Campaign is one of my favourite Halo games, and one of my favourite video games of all time. It's my most played game in the three years or so since it released.

Granted, the Hunt The Truth Mystery Story in Halo 5 doesn't give up it's secrets that easily, and as I've written before, the amount of attention needed to spot small details and the time needed to think stuff through and work out the clues is probably more work than most players really wanted from a Halo Campaign. Alas, though 343i do seem to have a master plan for revealing the answers, for the time being, many just came away baffled. But after the "big reveals" in Halo Infinite, perhaps players will see Halo 5's story through new eyes and appreciate it was far more ingenious than it might have first appeared...

I can't comment on the Multiplayer as I've never tried it (too big a download, so can't even download it, let alone play it), but some of it looks like it could be good fun, if pretty competitive and tough at times in ranked games.
talking about Multiplayer yes is my favorite
I've always said halo reach is my favorite multiplayer but halo 5 is right up there with it. Halo 5's campaign is the worst in the series by far though.
Not my favourite by a long shot. I grew up with halo and I've been playing since halo: CE by far reach is my favourite multiplayer mainly because of the player made maps that would appear, how much detail there is in every map and how each map plays.
Halo 5 on the other hand is just loads of blank walls that seem randomly slapped together with dull neon glow. The multiplayer is awful there is so much wrong with it imo.
Feels like a COD clone skinned with halo-ish skins.
I haven't even mentioned the campaign because I think it's obvious and we all know.
Catch me on reach and MCC till 343 actually make a halo game.
Right now it is. I'm having lots of fun. My least favorite would be 3. I just wish more CE maps came up in rotation. I've been hunting on those longer than a third of the Halo demographic has been alive.
I didn't think so until I played Halo throwback matches with the settings adjusted for the maps. Like Beaver creek had CE pistol and settings so no clamber, sprint, stabilize, or slide. I don't ever want to experience that again unless just for nostalgia. So I think Halo 5 is now one of my Favorite MP Halo games. I never thought I would say that as I still love Halo 2 it was my first online experience with Halo, I even enjoyed Halo Reach. I just don't think I can anymore.
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