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Is Halo 5 anyone's favorite Halo


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H5 is easily my least favorite, #1 being the over all function of the game, namely that screen freeze after games is pretty frustrating. Also just the real lack of features we should have, party up function after games, ability to mute people in lobbies (not a problem any more since no one uses mics probably because of this), firefight should have some custom features like being able to search in custom party size from one to eight players... Also the arena maps are kinda forgettable, not to many really stand out as great maps. I really expected more maps like torque, moving platforms and just a great environment. H5 is just slightly worse than reach based on those, reach was almost the worse mostly because of armor lock (still the worse thing ever to be in Halo)...but Reach functioned great, had top tier customization for Spartans and firefight, campaign multiplayer.

The best Halo to me, even though we didn't get very much of it, was's really sad H2A didn't get the respect it deserved to be made into a stand alone game and remastered from top to bottom. H2A was just so we'll done it's to bad it was part of MCC so it got really short changed so to speak.
It’s a toss up for me for multiplayer. Halo 2 I think is still my favourite with h5 immediately behind it. I really enjoyed h5 mp.

Campaign on the other hand, h5 without question was the least enjoyable for me in the series.
Ok, multiplayer is average, to say the least, the know they could make a 4 co op mode for the campaign without making a whole team in the story? I mean people play co-op in Halo CE, Halo 2, etc BUT THERE IS ONLY ONE MASTER CHIEF!!!, so whats the problem with 343? They thought we wan't another Gears of War?. I have no problem with the abilities, and the scenarios for the campaign some are really good, tough I can't shake the feeling to be shorter than Halo CE or Halo 3, so I really find it difficult to like it.
For multiplayer yes. I never even played the campaign.
I like it

Not entirely sure if it's my favorite

Ask us again in five years
For me halo 5 has the most enjoyable multiplayer but the worst campaign/storyline.
Halo 5 is a great, great game.

It's multiplayer is fantastic, completely unmatched by any of the other Halo games before it in terms of the competitive environment. So much so that competitive players even call Halo 5 "too competitive" which last I checked is literally what Halo is primarily known for, for being the ultimate sweat feast.

Of course it's also known for it's excellent more casual modes such as Forge, and Custom games, which Halo 5 does an amazing job for both. Most people who I come across that play Halo 5 haven't had this much fun in it's custom games since the Halo 3 days, and that says a lot about those type of players.

The only problem Halo 5 really has in terms of multiplayer matchmaking is it's casual game modes end up being just as competitive due to the nature of how Halo 5 was built. You can't really change much about how the game plays other then add in Action Sack, Infection, and Super Fiesta with the casual game modes before calling it a day in what casual players really want.

In my opinion, if you got rid of pistol starts entirely in most casual game modes it would actually solve this problem, or replace pistol starts with the Gunfighter Magnum in the casual game modes. That would help a lot, and definitely make Halo 5 a much more enjoyable experience for people who just aren't "good" at the game when it comes to online multiplayer.

As for it's campaign, and I know I'm going to get a lot of disagreements on this, in my personal opinion the game just felt like Halo 3's Michael Bay story on Halo 2 levels. Both don't go well together at all, and the over-all story just falls flat on it's face vs what it was actually trying to tell you.
Throughout it's entire campaign, I actually found it really interesting, considering you were essentially following top secret ONI orders, on a secret mission to figure out what Blue Team was doing. It told it's story pretty well, but if you were the average player who just walked through most of the dialogue and was only there to see the story of fancy explosions and killing off dangerous enemies, then really Halo 5's campaign just isn't the type of story for you at all.

In terms of it's level design, it was fantastic and really fun. Lots of things to do, and plenty of path ways to choose from. Sure your location will always be the same, but Halo 5 had far more "open environments" then I've seen in any Halo game since Halo 1. Not only that, but it even had different and even hidden path ways to follow through with. Really, if you want to be fan of Halo 5's story, you have to pay attention to everything, even the minor details in the dialogue as that's where most of the story was told, directly in the dialogue, mostly through Locke's or Chief's voice. It didn't really have much variety into all the different people who spoke, which is where most of the story should've been told instead to actually get the viewers attention, because listening to Locke's voice every mission gets pretty...well, boring and uninteresting.

Anyone who is a casual player of Halo obviously wouldn't do this, hence why H5's campaign gets so much hate as it already is anyways.
For every praise you just made, there is a criticism of equal merit. And THAT is my problem with Halo 5. And not to mention I hate BOTH parties of "Halo 5 is great!" Or "Halo 5 is the worst game ever!"

No! Halo 5 is just okay. Plain Jane. Nothing new cane out of it, a lot of things were stripped from OTHER games and don't even function properly, level design is huge because if your abilities which to me break immersion and ruin the balancing Bungie worked on.

Im not going to go on arguing the same point over and over again. It's like every one of you are casual and only a select few are actually thinking critically about the game itself.

That being said, it's Forge is the best of the series because it added blocks, primitives and the bare minimum basics of scripting. and yet I still get the "I wish I could" feeling. Like, next Forge mode, how about sculptable primitives and actual connector scripts that tie down very specific objects or links.

Look I'm not saying Halo 5 is all bad, as I said I hate those people too. Halo 5 is fun. The mechanics feel broken, balance is all gone. But I see potential for the best damn game which is what irritates me.

My major concern is if 343i will think the best way to reach that potential is by stripping away everything that made Halo, well, Halo. And if Microsoft is pushing this ideal, or even telling them to.
It's there for me in the multiplayer (i.e., certainly top 3), but the campaign is terrible so the overall rating has to fall.
It's my favorite halo game. I love the magnum and cant wait for the BTB refresh. I would love it more if it had a CTF playlist
I was just wondering if anyone's favorite Halo game was Halo 5. I never hear really anyone talk about it and when I do it is people bashing it. I loved the multiplayer even though the enhanced moblitly was a little overwhelming in slayer when I had to make the quickest decsions. I didnt like the story I felt like it was lacking compared to Halo 4 which I though had a good story.
Halo 5 is the best competitive Halo MP of all time
It's not my favorite Halo as far as story goes but it is when it comes to multiplayer. I really enjoyed the fast paced gameplay and the extremely cool custom game maps.
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I like how they tried but no, it's one of my least favorite games. I can't stand playing it for a long period of time. I take months and months breaks away from it. I just can't deal with it. Especially getting matched against teams of 4 and I get matched with kids that have wayyyyy too many games played but can't shoot someone if their families lives depended on it. I can't stand how sweaty the game is. Can't play anything casual in this game. Might just play warzone from now on and just say PSH Eff it. I can't take social or ranked serious anymore. I don't have the time to practice and practice and get my 3 other guys on and make sure our hands are warm and we all ate and played an hour of customs to get warmed up, then go into social and just go try hard instead of playing ranked. I can't. I don't have time like that anymore.
Halo 5 is not my favorite, the story was dissapointing but I find the multiplayer to be fairly good. I love all the maps and community created things you can see and play in here though. Hope halo inifinte is similar in that way
Mmmh it's quite debatable. I mean I started off with Halo: Combat Evolved and all in all that should had been my favorite because that's where it originated from but then Halo 2 released and..well..that became my new found love as it expanded much more on the lore and world of Halo, plus when I saw that second Halo in the mission 'Delta Halo' I knew something serious was up. xD
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I never know where to place Halo 5. It's certainly my favorite Halo game to play, at least when I'm by myself. The gameplay, multiplayer, and even campaign level design are all top notch.

But it's story is also very lackluster (only three Chief missions and evil Cortana??) and having no splitscreen was a really big disappointment since my friends and I always loved playing local custom games.

In my mind, H4 had great story/campaign. H5 had great gameplay/multiplayer. Now I just hope 343i can mix the best of both games for Infinite.
Nighterlev wrote:
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I don't think stat calling is needed, we're debating a game. I also don't agree entirely with censoring your post, but that's moderator business.

As far as stats go, I'm not a sweaty try hard. It's true. However, I've played Halo going back to CE on Xbox. It's the reason I got an Xbox at all, tbph. That, and it also had THPS3 which at 11 years old, I was pretty into.

Now, there are several misunderstandings in what I meant. Specifically the stripped section. I didn't mean stripped from other Halo games. I mean knocked from other first person shooters. And when I say balancing, I mean weapons are basically just reskins of other models that do something "slightly" different. Do we really need Forerunner weapons, for example, when UNSC gear does the same thing, just "slightly" better. Also, minor tweaks to UNSC gear. Like, for example, why do we need a DMR AND the BR, especially when the BR is useless when compared to it's former self, like the H2 BR.

Because I'm such a fan, I feel like my opinion matters on these. No, what I'm saying isn't fact. Not all of it. We're changes made? Yes. Fact. Are they better or worse? Worse, in some cases. SOME cases. That's my opinion, which isn't any more invalid than your positive opinions.

Moving on from this, I'm 50/50 on added mechanics. Why? Because to me they feel... Diluted? Yea. It just dilutes gameplay. I loved big scale team matches of Halo old, because you needed the vehicles at your disposal, and the heavy weapons. They made for, at the time, massive fights. Halo 5? I don't get the same feel anymore. I can vault across a huge area in seconds. Why use a vehicle at all, unless I'm in Warzone.

Which brings me to it, I like Warzone. I like the PvPvE idea, and I even like the PvP versions. But it always feels the same, all the time. Variety would be nice. Sure, we got cool weapons and such, but what about enemies? What about enemy types? I mean, if it's a simulation, we can base these simulations on known phenomenon and enemy types, including the flood. Why not add that in as some sort of random twist encounter that alters the play field?

I just feel like the additions that were added could be better, and some changes didn't need to be implemented, or thought out better. My point? I see potential for the phenomenal Halo game that can far surpass the original trilogy. The alterations to the formula overall are fairly good. It shows growth. It prevents stagnation. But I feel it just misses the mark by a hair. Why does this nother me? Because I don't want to see an FPS that has always been top of my list just swept aside. And there is a growing dislike for it now. I don't want it to be just another FPS. As I've said, time and time again, Halo should be discovering new roads, not treading the paths of trends.
I like it more than Halo 4.
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