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Is Halo 5 anyone's favorite Halo


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H5 is my favorite i think it's just cause i'm good at it i know it has the worst campaign and stuff like that.
Pvp h5 is at the top of the list along with halo 2. I don’t know why but there’s a lot of us who loved halo 2 who also like h5. The games are so different and I always thought I was an oddball putting these 2 games multiplayer at the top but it has become apparent the sentiment is not that uncommon.

H5 campaign is the only one in the series I only played once. It’s really not up to par with the rest of the series.

So I guess yes it is my favourite and no it isn’t......

but each game has something that makes it my favourite.

H1 campaign
H2 mp
H3 btb
h4 dominion/btb
reach firefight/invasion
H5 mp
I don't hate the story like most people do but it was still highly disappointing compared to Halo 4's amazing story. The ads made it seem like it was gonna be one of the best Halo stories out there and I was immensely hyped for it but the end result was a lackluster story. It had things that I loved such as Master Chief and the rest of Blue Team and the return of Thel.

The multiplayer on the other hand is my favorite in the entire series. I wish it had a lot more maps especially dev maps but I still have tons of fun playing.

Overall Halo 5 has my favorite multiplayer but also a very disappointing story.
This is pretty spot on.
The other disappointing part of the story was the dumb AI you had playing with you, it made playing single player thoroughly unenjoyable.
Halo 5 isn't my favorite regarding Story, that honor would have to go to Halo Reach. But regarding Multiplayer, it's so far the most exciting and engaging Halo to date.
I like H5 the best because there is such diversity. Although I feel like it could be much better if we had a few updates or something. MCC is enjoyable but the old games feel very slow paced. I’d much rather go jump on people with my pistol.
Multiplayer - I played out of the of Australia for most of my Halo career so lag has been an enduring condition
H2 - no real online experience
H3 - >20k online matches, it was a lot of lag but still rewarding. Multi Team was my kind of list as well as FFA
HReach - lag was a factor but Bloom 'helped' as it was less about twitch shooting and more about pacing of shots. FFA FTW. Had my highest k/d in this game >2 - abused so many parts of this game camping
H4 - it's hard to remember as I only played 1k online matches. Infinity Slayer was an interesting experiment but not ultimately not liked. I did hit 50s in BTB and FFA so there was some
H5 - has some of the best connection I've had in a Halo game. It may seem incongruous but there seems to be a higher skill gap in this game than other titles from those who can master the game mechanics and movement with clamber, jump and hover, ground pound and Spartan charge. Probably the lowest k/d I've had in a halo title - a lot of Arena maps where camping doesn't really work

H1, then H3, then ODST, H Reach somewhere in the middle - I didn't really like H2, H4 or H5
I dont like the campaign but the MP is some of the most fun I have ever had in an online game.
Halo 5 is absolutely my favorite Halo. I've loved all the Halos along the way (some more than others, still love even the least of them though) and still play them, but 5 is always my first choice.
Halo 5 is easily in my top 5 favorite Halo games.
1. Halo 3: ODST
2. Halo 5
3. Halo Wars
4. Halo 4
5. Halo 3

Halo 5 is my number 2 mainly because I didn't like a few characters and story elements in the campaign, but I still like the campaign. There were a lot of locations I liked, and the AI gave me a few good laughs (Sending Tanaka flying into orbit on an elevator is one of my favorite!), and Buck. The multiplayer is my favorite Halo multiplayer to date. There's a lot to do, and I've gotten pretty good at maneuvering with boosts, clamber, and crouchjumps. I know some people say it's a CoD clone with a Halo skin, but I don't really see it. I still see it as Halo, and will always love the game. But that's just my two cents on the matter.
I like all halo's equaly
Ooh ooh! Me! It’s my favorite Halo!

(Keep in mind, I play the campaign through once for plot, then play multiplayer for the rest of the time)
Ooh ooh! Me! It’s my favorite Halo!

(Keep in mind, I play the campaign through once for plot, then play multiplayer for the rest of the time)
*gasp* It's you!
It's my son's favorite Halo. Of course, he's too young to have played H2 and H3 in their prime, so he doesn't really know any better.

edit - it's my favorite Halo game since H3 was released.
It's my favorite Halo multiplayer; though, its launch was weak IMO. I would not say it's my favorite Halo campaign; it's probably the opposite.
I feel that it fits well with how first person shooters have come about to this date. H5 isn't on the top of my list. That mantle goes to HCE and Reach
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