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Is infection a permanent game type?

OP Dobbie UK

I was wondering if infection is a permanent playlist or is it going to be taken down at a later date?
i ask because I love infection/living dead and it's pretty much the only playlist I play/played on halo reach and halo 4 thanks :3
As far as we know right now its up for good.
As far as we know it's here to stay.
That's what I wanted to hear, cannot wait till they add more game types and purpose built maps. As long as it's nothing like failo 4's flood ;)
i might get my actual rank up haha I'm only 37 :S
I know a lot of people say that it's here to stay, but I don't think anything is safe. I mean they did say they were going to remove Grifball at some point in the near future. If they do, then hopefully they bring it back at some point.
I hope it will be, but i heard that grifball will go in a few weeks, i hope it will not
I think if infection goes people would riot.
I hope it will be :v
If 343i look at what I've been playing, I haven't touched the game for a few months but came back for infection. If they drop infection, I'll end up back in BF4. It's the one mode they well and truly nailed.
I would guess and say semi-permanent. Might get taken down from time to time to cycle in new maps and settings.

Apparently they're planning to do as much with Grifball
As the walking dead would say "nobody is ever safe, you are never safe.." This is true for infection. Just look what they were gonna do with griffball.. Savages