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Is It Worth It?

OP AjarOregon6234

I was contemplating on weather I should buy Halo 5 Guardians, it's the most recent in main Halo games so I would expect it to have the highest single player online play which is one of the reasons I would buy it, but from what I hear many people are satisfied with the way 343 Industries remade some of the most beloved things in the franchise.
I can handle the pelican rework because although I liked it, I didn't really stop out of my way to admire it, but the way the new armor looks, as an old halo fan I guess I just ain't used to the upgraded texture or I am just picky on what I want from my Spartan. I've seen a few play's of the game and it looks a bit fun, when I heard that the "Memories of Reach" Armors were coming to the game I got really excited and kind of upset because I love Reach, and I wouldn't know if it was a one time deal or not, I just want to know if the graphics are just as good as expected (Or close to), if the game play is fun and non repetitive, and if it is worth just overall spending money on.

I would really appreciate your opinions and feed back, thank you.
i think that for the current price on the Microsoft store of 20 bucks its worth it, theirs alote of fun things to do, even if you hate the game play the custom browser is always really fun, so ya id say so. the graphics are pretty good, a little bright and a little cartoony but by no means bad.
If I can get a game that I've been either interested in or even semi interested in for $30 or less taxes in brand new then I'd say why not, buy it. The game is cheap now, so I'd say go pick it up and decided for yourself what you think of it. There are a lot worst things to spend your money on lol
Go to GameStop and get a used disc for way less than $20, my GameStop had one that was $5.
Definetly worth it.
Go for it man. Gameplay is never repetitive, as there are too many maps and the dynamics on each one are insane. Include the weapons, which are just the right amount of power and skill, and you've got yourself a great game.
It’s insanely fun. Don’t bring a competitive attitude though, as the pro Onyxes and the tryhard farmers will rip your soul asunder.
Bxnnyson wrote:
It’s insanely fun. Don’t bring a competitive attitude though, as the pro Onyxes and the tryhard farmers will rip your soul asunder.
Maybe with enough practice and less Gears of War I'll be able to go a round with competitive lol, thanks
I'd say no. Save your money and wait for Halo 6.

Halo 5 is by far the worst in the series, and the least representative of what Halo is. If you're really hankering for Halo, go buy MCC. Even in it's less than full state, you get 4 games, with 4 multiplayer experiences (3 good ones, 1 bad one), and it's going to be getting fixed some time in the near future.
Even better, if you buy digital, there's a chance MCC will be joining the Play Anywhere program (assuming 343 hasn't been lying out of their teeth again), which means you can play on PC.
So, effectively, you're getting eight games for a very low price.

So in short:
Avoid Halo 5, buy MCC.
It really depends on how big a Halo fan you are. I say it's worth it, especially now because you can get it cheap. But definitely get a used disc version and not a digital download. Disc are still superior to digital download because at least then you have something to trade if you dont like it. Sure you won't get much for it in trade but something is better than the nothing you get for digital download. H5 gets more hate than it deserves IMO. Sure the campaign wasn't great story wise but the levels were very well done. The missions Swords of Sanghelios and Blur Team are two of the best missions in all of Halo. Multiplayer can be fun but it is really repetitive. It took me longer to get used to H5 multiplayer than any other title. If you get it keep in mind the majority playing multiplayer now have been playing a lot so be prepared for not a lot of success at first. To me the most valid complaint about H5 should be "un-rewarding"... H5 is pretty much one big grind for everything. Whether grinding for req points to open req packs, or xp points for XP level, or for certain kills after joining a Spartan company to achieve Achilles armor/helmet.
Don’t waste your money. Just do the Xbox game pass for a month and download and play it. If you like it keep paying for the game pass till the new one comes out. You’ll get sick of halo in 2 months and you’ll be able to atleast play the other games that come with the pass.
If you are searching for an awesome online experience, Halo 5 is the way to go, because it has the best multiplayer in the franchise aside from Halo 3. The main difference is that Halo 3 has equipment, but Halo 5 has built-in abilities which you have to get used to using pretty much all the time. It mainly comes down to preference: do you prefer the no-sprint gameplay, or the ability-infused style? If you choose the ability-infused style, then you would likely be buying yourself the best online Halo experience you have ever had. Just get ready to sweat during competitive play against squads of four. You are bound to rage and even hate the game, but something about it is so magical that you will be drawn back to the game without thinking about how frustrated you got last time.

My personal favorite playlists are Heroic Warzone Firefight, Super Fiesta, and Big Team Battle. Some of the rotational playlists are super fun as well. I've learned to avoid competitive play for the most part because it is simply not as fun as the social experience.

As for the campaign, you would probably hate the campaign just like 99% of the Halo community does, but I don't think it's all that bad. Just don't expect something at the levels of Halo 3 and Halo 2, because you would be sorely disappointed.
It's worth it if you're not expecting a classic Halo experience. If you don't want classic Halo I think H5 is a great game.

As for armour the H5 style in general isn't as good as previous games in my opinion, though there are a handful of really nice sets. The thing is to get those sets you have to play a long time to grind them out or get extremely lucky because the unlock system is random and there's just so much junk.

As for graphics, the actual textures are pretty good for 2015, even today. The art style however is not as good as previous Halo's, I prefer a more grounded, gritty look for Halo whereas H5 is very clean and vibrant.

EDIT: You could try it through game pass to determine if you wanna buy it.
Halo 5 is mostly fun imo. It has a few flaws (everything does), but it is well worth the price imo. People have complained about every Halo and some people enjoy being irate. The price has dropped to the point that trying it isn't a major sacrifice and the only way you'll know for sure is to try it yourself.
I would say you should for $20 its fun and if you into forge halo 5 has the best forge so far and with forge you try out the reqs from war zone without paying for them.
If you’re deciding between MCC or Halo 5, don’t. You can get both for under 30$ and there both amazing.
Thanks, I was wondering about this too, just ordered my copy!
Halo 5 and mcc is now on gamepass plus it has halo wars 1 and 2 a well