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Is the SWAT population really low?

OP Ace the Chapin

Is it perhaps that that not many players are playing SWAT this month or is it maybe that there aren't enough players in the Diamond/Onyx ranks to fill up a match these days? It seems that the wait times are much longer than last month.
I don't think swat was ever super popular so that might be the problem? I decided to rank in the first time since the 3 season or so and i found my matches fast I got diamond 4 too so idk
I haven't played swat in a few weeks because it takes long for me to find matches. I'm diamond 4 I think; most of the matches I was finding stuck me with onyx players (which was not a big deal, while some were clearly above my level, most of them I could compete with with no problem); maybe it's only higher level players left playing this mode.
It could not be as popular as other playlists. I remember it always had a very low population, in H4 or Reach, probably H4. It was the one with the counter. Always in the low 100's vs other playlists in the thousands.
I've never had an issue but I typically fall in the Platinum range which I think is the avg. player ranking so I most likely have a bigger pool to pull from.
I hope this doesn't mean we have to purposely do bad or have multiple accounts to play SWAT. I'm Dimond and can never find a game.
I think so.
I can find a game once in a few weeks. Bronze 3. USA. So it's not that.
I get games quickly but at least half of them have 2 or more quits.
Currently a gold 3 and I haven't had any issues, but I think I have a larger pool to be matched with.
I can find a game once in a few weeks. Bronze 3. USA. So it's not that.
USA has the biggest population, so i think that doesnt count, i will check on my country to see if this is really happening