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Is there a way to get a forge map tested?

OP wjamz

Ive been wondering this for a bit but with no clear way to get well known maps from other users without friending them or just inviting all recent players
how can I try and get my maps out there
i wish there was a map search option for maps or if there is I don't know about it,
theres always just coming to the forums and saying hey check it out but then there's that whole part where I have to invite everyone or friends everyone who is interested.
Id love to know if there where any other ways this could be done or the quickest way of going about getting a map out there
You might want to try ForgeHub, or try the community creations section and ask people to give it a try.
There is Forge Hub. I am sure the file browser will be better updated in the future to make it easier in game to get your map out there.
Even if you got it tested... to what extent would that be worth it? There is no means to promote custom content to matchmaking. So there is no point to creating custom content.

Don't get me wrong, having forge is wonderful, but without matchmaking support for forges ends results, there is no point. Test it, don't test it, it matters not. 99% of all forge content goes unseen, unused, unappreciated.
Thanks people I'll have to give it a try and get my mess of a map a try cX
I'd try posting to ForgeHub, HaloCustoms or trying and submit your map to one of the Forge Map showcases on YouTube. These are the best places to find people willing to test your maps and give you good feeback on them. You could also try the Community Creations forum on Waypoint, but from my experience you're not likely to receive constructive criticism from them.