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Is this a good comeback story?

OP RuthlessSkate94

So I was playing in This Warzone game. On apex 7. And my team kept quiting so we were getting destroyed, but I was using a mic. Everyone kept trying to go for spire and were getting slaughtered, but when hestro spawned I told them to ignore spire and kill hestro if we wanted to win. surprisingly they all listened but blue team kept killing them, so I got a sword banshee and killed hestro. But we were still losing, but by the time the warden spawned we had both armories. When the warden eternal did spawn I spawned in a phaeton and decided that instead of going for the warden I would kill anything that moved. So I annihilated blue team with it, my team was able to capture the spire wich forced blue team into their home base. We then killed the warden and tried to core them, but we got to 1000 before we could do it... I ended up getting 19 spartan kills with that phaeton...